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car tax disc rfefund-how much

tax disc how much

pamela m(14)

car tax disc rfefund-how much

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we have sold our car and the guy at the garage wants to buy the remaining tax from us.does anyone know how much this will be?just so i know whaty he is offering is fair?

i have looked on the website but cannot see how much and i have rang and its impossible to speak to someone.

Jayne R(171)

Hi it depends on how much you paid and whether you bought a 6 or 12 month licence so you'll have to work it out but this is off the website:

B How much refund will you get?

To get a refund for each full calendar month left on the tax disc,

you must post this filled-in form to us before the first day of the month you want the refund from.

If you bought a six-month tax disc, you paid an extra 10% surcharge, which is not refunded.

If you paid a higher “First Year Rate” for a newly registered vehicle’s first tax disc, you will only get a refund based on the higher rate if the vehicle has been stolen, scrapped or the vehicle’s tax class has changed to a nil value tax class such as ‘disabled’.

If the vehicle has been sold, exported or you have made

a SORN your refund will be based on the lower standard rate of vehicle tax applicable to that vehicle. For more information on first year and standard rates

of vehicle tax please go to [url][/url]

Karen R(543)

I would go along with the refund you would get if you applied for a refund from the government. They only do whole months, so if you had a month and a half left, you would get a months refund.

To work out the amount of tax per month, divide the amount you spent on the tax, by how many months you bought - this information is on the actual tax disc. Then multiply this by the amount of months you have left on the tax disc.

For example, if you bought 12 months tax at Ј120, that would make it Ј10 a month. If you have say 3 whole months left on the tax disc, you would be refunded Ј30 if you sent the tax disc back to the car tax department. However you would have to allow for postage times as well - they will only refund whole months from the date they receive the tax disc.

If whoever wants to buy your tax says no, then just say you will apply for a refund then as that is what the government would give you.

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