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Successful tax refund claim when leaving the UK: PAYE, P45, P85

tax refund when leaving uk

tax refund claim. specifically for Income Tax or PAYE (Pay As You Earn). once you stop working in the United Kingdom: Tax Refund when you leave the UK: PAYE, P45, P85 .

Well, I must say that my claim was successful and the money was already paid into my British bank account and last week I received a letter from the HM Revenue & Customs with the tax refund calculation details, along with a practical guide called "Understanding your Tax Calculation". The refund amount I had previously calculated was correct and the money was paid into my bank account with no problems, within a reasonable period of time. The whole process took me about a month, so the main purpose of this post is to encourage claiming the tax refund to all those who have given up, thinking that it will be a long and bureaucratic process, and probably will not get what they want.

September 14th: I sent all the required documentation (P45 Parts 2 and 3, P85) to the tax office in the UK by certified post along with a handwritten letter indicating my own calculation.

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Hi admin,

I worked in London for three months, and I sent the p45 and p85 about 5 weeks ago, and I still haven't got any notices from them, nor have I got the money either. I followed the same steps that you did, so I was wondering if there is anything wrong or they work slowly because I sent it in the summer time.

@peternac: Sorry for the delay. I had no problems with the refund. Did you call the tax office? Best way to know what happened is to call the office you sent the letter. I did that.

Hello Sir,

First of all thank you for this informative post of yours, it has been really helpful.

One quick clarification regarding the UK tax returns.

I have worked in UK for 3 months in 2011 ( from Feb 1 2011- Jul 2011) and I am about to send the P85 form for my tax returns. I was wondering if I can still get my returns if I file them now in Nov 2012? Is there any deadline before which I have to or I must have submitted my P85 form.

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