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Thread: Tips For Learning To Drive

tips for learning how to drive

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Tips For Learning To Drive

Hi All, I had lessons when i was 17/18 and im now 23 and cant remember a thing! I am determined to get driving asap as i have 2 young boys and it would improve our lives hugely. I am so nervous about it because i want it so badly! The whole concept of driving just seems so difficult and i think i now over analyse everything!

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When I was 17 I was too scared to learn to drive in case I would just be really rubbish and look stupid or I wouldn't be able to keep the car in a straight line! It took until I was 23 to realise I would have so much freedom, especially as I have DD.

So had my first lesson on 5th June 2009 and went ok although couldn't relax with the instructor! So changed to a different one. Took me about 44hrs and 3 tests to pass on the 5th Feb 2010, so 8 months exactly.

I failed my first test because I made a stupid mistake from nerves. 2nd test I failed because somebody cut me up on a roundabout and the examiner went for the brake at the same time as me. The 3rd test I was convinced I would fail as it was when BSM changed over to fiat 500's so I'd only had 4 hours in it. Couldn't get my manourvres right and my general

driving was a bit more sloppy as the car was a deisel and I had been used to a petrol. But when it came to the test I had no nerves as I didnt even consider I would pass. But I did. lol

I could have kicked myself for not learning to drive sooner. But so glad I did learn! Gives me so much more freedom and can get places that otherwise would be difficult/impossible to get to on public transport.

If you just go into it like a total beginner and you might surprise yourself at what comes back to you. Dont expect yourself to be great straight away, or for your co-ordination of the steering, pedals, gears, mirrors while looking where your going to be top notch at first either. You will get there eventually. Dont be disheartened if you have a weak area. Mine was turning right into a road, I would get nervous about leaving room for people to pass, about stalling in oncoming traffic or misjudging a space to move. I now do it without even thinking about it. I also hated stopping in general. lol Its because I would then have to find the biting point which would take a few secs and I worried about stalling. I never really got comfortable with the bite in my instructors car, but after a week of driving my own car after passing I had no probs.

Driving may not come easy, but its so worth it so go for it and DONT GIVE UP this time.

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