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How To Ice Skate For Beginners

tips for learning how to ice skate

This tutorial describes a basic technique of ice skating called gliding or forward stroking. A professional ice skating coach walks us step-by-step through this basic ice skating move.

Okay, so in this particular video, we're going to learn how to skate. Actually, gliding or pushing for the more confident skaters, standing on one, for a count of 2 or 3 seconds. You have to follow various steps.

Within these, keeping your arms out, your knees bent. This all comes not just bending your knees, but also bending from your ankles, rocking the ankles over in order to pick up speed, maintain speed, and balance and flow across the ice. It will show much better quality and also create a lovely picture image which you will see from the TV and professional ice skaters.

So, we're going to learn how to do that in various stages. Starting off with your feet parallel, you are going to bend your knees. Turn your right foot out.

That's going to be our pushing foot to start with. Maintaining that position, again keeping your weight over the skates is very, very important. Arms slightly ahead of your body, keeping them roughly level with your hips, anything higher than that is going to create tension in your shoulders.

So, you want to keep all the work happening from your knees. You're going to rock the ankle over. As

I'm rocking the ankle, I'm bending the knee.

Very important to make sure you're bending from the striking knee which is going to be the right leg. You're going to bend, rock the ankle, create the pressure, and push from the inside part of the blade, hold on to it, rise up. Okay, so now, we're going to switch to the left foot.

You obviously need to understand the transition from one foot to the next, changing the body weight, and pushing off onto the right foot. That would then create continuous flow and also skating forward at a nice quality within the ice skating world. Okay, so once you've learned how to start, push onto the left foot, you're then going to rise up, feet together.

Repeat the steps again. Bend, rock your ankle over, push and hold onto that position. Okay, so that was how to glide on to your left for and your right foot skating forward, commonly known as forward stroking.

When doing these, it's all about bending the knee, rocking the ankle, and remembering those steps of feet together, then turn your foot out, rock the ankle, push and maintain a lovely posture and position your weight over the skate. Now that you've learned how to glide on the ice, you'll find that you'll be a much more accomplished skater, and learning the real basics of ice skating.

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