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Tips how to answer job interview questions

tips how to answer job interview questions

“What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses?”

TOP TIP: When explaining strengths and weaknesses, it is important to focus on strengths that are important to the job and weaknesses that are not a required skill. In job interview questions like this, the employer is looking to see how your strengths and weaknesses will impact your work within the current role and how they will position you within the corporate culture or the organisation.

Job Interview Tip - Show Interest and Enthusiasm.

Job Interview Tip – Show Interest and Enthusiasm.

Job Interview Question – Strengths Example:

If you are highly organised (and this is a huge component of the job role) then you could mention your ability to not only meet deadlines, but do so well in advance.

Job Interview Question – Weakness Example:

If you are interested in an aged care role, you could indicate your abilities and love for one on one communication, and explain that while your group presentation skills are not great (an not a central component to an aged care position). you are working on them through personal development or perhaps taking a speaking course or voice


Job Interview Questions No.6

“Give Us An Example Of A Team Work Experience?”

In addressing job interview questions about team experience, follow the three step approach of situation, action and outcome. Explain who was involved in the team and what you were required to achieve, elaborate on how you tackled the task and finally, talk about the outcome

Job Interview Questions No.7

“Have You Ever Had A Conflict In The Workplace?”

The most important thing in answering job interview questions about conflict is not to give a flat answer of ‘no’. Conflict (whether large or small) is inevitable in any group situation. so what the employer is really asking is not whether you have experienced a conflict, but how you handled it. A great way to handle this question is to explain how a difference of opinion has occurred within a project, and the steps taken to minimise or remove this. If the outcome of the conflict is positive be sure to include this in any examples given – it is always best to end on a positive (rather than negative) note.

Most Common Mistakes Made At A Job Interview

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