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How to Apply Makeup

tips how to apply makeup

by Jessica Wright (last updated February 28, 2014)

There always seems to be some secret to applying makeup so that your face has that perfect look. Learning the right tips and applying them every time can make putting on your makeup a breeze. Before applying any makeup always start with a clean face. After cleaning your face apply moisturizer to the neck and face.

Moisturizers serve several different purposes. It helps to blend in the foundation, while improving both the skin texture and the tone of the skin. Moisturizers also help to prevent dry skin, and if it is too dry will treat the skin.

Foundation is used to help "even out" the blotches and blemishes that naturally appear on the skin. It helps to create an illusion of smooth and evenly colored skin. When choosing the color of the foundation you want one that is close to your own skin tone and will compliment your own natural color. Sometimes you may find it necessary to go one shade lighter or darker than your natural skin color. (This takes a little bit of testing.) You want the shade to blend well with your natural color.

After blending the foundation it is time to add a little color to your face. This is where blush comes in—to give your face just a hint of color. Blush should be applied at the cheek bones, but always to the outside of the cheek bones. To avoid looking like a clown, keep the blush away from the hairline or getting too close to the nose. Never apply blush lower than the nose level or under the eyes.

Did you know that the eyebrow is what sets the expression of your face? The shape of your brow bone is the shape that you want to use for your eyebrows. For a more natural look try to maintain the shape of your brow bone, accomplishing this by not over-plucking or over-penciling your brows. The best way to accomplish

the right eyebrow look is by using an eyebrow pencil lightly over the eyebrow. The eyebrow should fade out by the end of the eyebrow.

Eye shadows can create more of an illusion about the size, shape, and color of your eyes. For the natural look the color should be subtle. Use a makeup brush to blend the eye shadow, working outward and blending the color as you go.

When it comes time for the eyes, remember that it is mascara that will define your eyes, not the eyeliner. Apply mascara to the lower lashes first. Always let the mascara dry before applying a second coat. If you are going to use an eyelash curler now is the time to use it, before applying mascara to the upper eyelashes. Now apply mascara to the upper eyelashes. Once again, if there is a need to build up the eyelashes then apply several thin coats, being sure that each coat dries before applying the next coat. If there is extra mascara on the mascara wand be sure to wipe it away with a clean tissue. When finished with the mascara use a brush or mascara comb to separate the lashes as well as removing any excess mascara.

To get the finished look apply either your favorite lip gloss or lipstick. When applying lipstick use a liner on the bottom of the lips, matching the color of the lipstick. If you can't find the right color then you will want to use a lighter color of a lip liner. You can get your lipstick or lip gloss to last longer if you first fill in the lips with a lip liner.

As a word of caution, don't allow others to borrow your makeup and don't use someone else's makeup. Doing so may cause an infection—something you definitely want to avoid.

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