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How To Be Happy

How To Be Happy w ill transform your life. T r ue and lasting happiness always comes from within. Why wait for the outside world to make you happy, when you can be happy now?

Why be depressed, when you can be happ y and live a more meaningful life once you learn how? If you are already happy, why not learn how to become much happier, healthier and more successful in everything you do?

My happy book reveals simple, but profound insights about how your emotions affect the chemistry of your brain, which in turn affects your happiness and everything you do in life. These insights have the power to transform your life and our world starting with you.

Below are just some of the comments from the many lives that How To Be Happy has touched and changed.

"I have now had the chance to read completely "How to Be Happy

and Have Fun Changing the World" all the way through.

No doubt I will reread it often. It truly is a transformational book.

Thank you." - Dennis Duffy

"Thank you for a brilliant book Michael. I have always been keen on Zen, biology and the chaos theories, and quantum physics - you put it all together so well I sent it to folks back in England. Smiles to you,"


"Thank you so much! You are an inspiration for humanity -

Changed my life. " -Andrew Klaassen

Did your parents give you an Owner's Manual for Human Beings when you were growing up? Mine didn't. How To Be Happy explains how you are designed to function at your best so you can be happier, healthier and more successful in everything you do in life. It took me many years of my life to discover these Universal Truths that I'm making available to you.

"I found your book to be such an easy book to read and so inspirational. It summarizes the main points of The Secret, The Power of Intention and so many other books in a very simplistic way and makes it easy to put the message into practice. Thank you for sharing your life lessons in the Happy Book. I wish there was a part 2." -Brenda

I have shared my insights about how emotions affect the chemistry of the brain with elite athletes that used th is knowledge to win Gold and Silver Medals in the Olympics. The same understanding has literally helped thousands of golfers to quickly improve their mental games and performance. Now, it's your turn to learn the secret formula that will increase your awareness and allow you to be more successful and happy in life.

The se individuals had one thing in common. They all had a strong desire to improve and get better. The only thi ng that they had to do to be more successful was to change the way they were thinking once they learned why and how.

The same is true for you. If you have a strong desire to be successful and happy in life, all you have to do is to become aware of how you were designed to function at your best and fine-tune the way you presently think. Everything else will follow. My happy book will show you how to become the master of your thoughts and emotions. It explains how to harmonize your life with natural laws. Its eight magical words have the power to change your life and our world.

By the way, i f enough individuals live by the eight words that are explained in my happy book. it will

help change our world for the better. one per son at a time starting with you. You will understand how this is possible by the time you finish read ing How To Be Happy And Have Fun Changing The World. Hopefully, you will decide to have fun helping out and tell your family and friends about my happy book.

"I have just finished reading your "Happy Book" and have been

living the (eight words) for the past 2 weeks! Your book has

helped me tremendously and I have been much happier!

"I have/had been suffering from depression for the past 5 years.

and it feels like the cloud is finally lifting! Thanks!" -Todd

"I have read many self-help, happiness books in the past, but yours has inspired me the most. It’s a simple, but powerful message." - John Paul Monaco

You too will love the benefits you will achieve when you make the insights in my happy book a part of your life. If you have a strong desire to be happ y in this life. here is your golden opportunity to learn how to improve all aspects of your life by simply changing the way you currently think.

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How To Be Happy And Have Fun Changing The World

"I've just finished reading your book and was sorry when it came to an end. As I finished it I felt moved by the power of your words and thoughts and just wanted to say thank you for sharing them with me."

-Gary Pangburn, United Kingdom

"What a great book. Thank you for putting this out into the world. It

"Your book is fantastic and very inspiring. I work as a personal

development trainer and employment coach, helping people move

forward in their lives and realize their potential.

"Your book speaks every ounce of truth. You have done a very

wonderful thing writing this. If you change one persons life that is an amazing thing, and you are changing many. Well done." -Gemma

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing book that you have made available. Once again THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH, and good luck in the future with spreading your knowledge. -Alan Shone

"My wife & I read & study your book each night with our children, I feel there is no better way to prepare my children for life's adventures. Thanks to you my kids have a hand book for life." Brad

"Your book has meant so much to me. Your "plan" is easy to live by and I can really feel my approach to this life getting completely overhauled with each passing day. " -Brenna

"Thank you for writing such a wonderful book full of practical, soul lifting advices. The beauty of the book is that it is written in a very simple and straight forward way. When I read the book I felt like a father is giving advice to his children -:) Now that I finished the book I wish to read it again and again till it will become my second nature." -Munawara

Hopefully, you will read my happy book and tell your family and friends to do the same. Also, don't forget to LIKE & SHARE my Facebook page.

Best wishes. Michael Anthony

P.S. If you want to live a happy life, what are you waiting for?

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How To Be Happy And Have Fun Changing The World

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