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How to get pregnant with Conceive Plus ®

The Fertility-Friendly Lubricant developed by Doctors

Conceive Plus ® is the fertility lubricant that is FDA cleared safe for use by trying to conceive couples because it does not harm the chances of getting pregnant naturally like other personal lubricants can. Conceive Plus® is safe for human sperm, oocytes and embryo development and is the only lubricant to contain both calcium and magnesium ions essential for cell viability and the process of fertilization.

How it can help you get pregnant

The images below demonstrate the typical lubricant barrier created between sperm and regular personal lubricants after 10 minutes, and how sperm is able to swim through Conceive Plus® and stay healthy.

Figure 1: This photo shows the typical barrier created by vaginal lubricants, even after 10 minutes. The lubricant causes a barrier to sperm, stopping the fertilization process.

Figure 2: Conceive Plus ® at 1 min - shows no barrier to sperm

Figure 3:

Sperm exposed to Conceive Plus ® at 10 min does not create any barrier, allowing sperm to stay health and swim to fertize the egg. *Images of bovine sperm

Regular lubricants often form a barrier to sperm motility. Conceive Plus® preserves motility by mixing with the sperm within a matter of minutes. The gentle formulation of Conceive Plus® matches fertile cervical liquid and semen to create a fertility-friendly environment.

This product is formulated to help the body on its path to getting pregnant naturally. Find your best days to get pregnant and use Conceive Plus to increase your chances.

Positive results in comparative study

In a comparative study with its competitors, Conceive Plus ® displays improved viability compared with sperm exposed to other lubricants.

Table 1: Affect of KY Astroglide, Replens on viability and mobility of sperm

Table 2: Sperm incubated in Conceive Plus ® as compared to KY and optimum cell culture with no lubricant.

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