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Tips how to impress a girl

tips how to impress a girl

How to get a girl to like you 3

How to Approach a Girl – Introduction

Men always end up in situations when they have to approach and impress girls once again or, why not, for the first time. Now, things are very different, because if you already approached girls successfully, it shouldn’t be too hard to do it again. On the other hand, if you only heard rumors and seen others do it, it’s not enough.

We’ll basically split the article into two main sections, both of them split into subcategories and case studies. We’ll reflect on common mistakes and misbeliefs and then share useful techniques and methods to approach girls successfully. Do note one thing: if a book is titled “how to impress a girl” that doesn’t necessarily mean that the book is good or useful. There are certain things than can’t be thought and can’t be learn, things that are a matter of personal experience.

Things to avoid if you want to approach a woman

The first thing you want to know is what not to do. Guys often do a lot of mistakes by assuming some idea is good or cool, but then it’s a huge disappointment when it turns out that the truth is the exact opposite.

Girls don’t necessarily stare at your clothing, but it’s hard not to observe who has appropriate clothing and who doesn’t care about what he wears each day. Don’t get the wrong idea: well-dressed men can end up not having girlfriends, so it’s not all about clothes.

However, in a girl’s eyes, if your clothing is careless, awkward or without a decent style then the girl will think that you are a lazy or good-for-nothing person and will most likely put you into the friend-zone or even worse, she will try to avoid you while she will obviously talk to other guys. That’s a bad feeling, isn’t it? Don’t let it happen!

Do you think you’d need a whole lot of money just to get decent clothing? No, you actually don’t. You can use second hand clothes, your dad’s clothes or even your cousin’s or brother’s clothes – as long as the clothes fit your body size and shape and as long as the clothing style matches your personality. We will come back soon to this aspect which is also very important.

So, the point is: choose the right clothes and get a date! (Wow, as simple as that? Don’t worry – below in this article you will find useful tips to get nice dates with good looking girls or women.)

Jokes can get boring…

Some guys really have a good startup with all the girls they try to conquer, but then fail with one simple behavior. We all know that pretty girls like jokes, they enjoy hanging out with funny guys – but there’s a limit to everything. You see, the fact is that when a girl hears nothing but jokes, she will think that you make up all those jokes because you have nothing essential to say while hanging out with her.

Let’s face it: girls want to be heard. They will definitely ask about you as well, but they want to see that you are interested in basically everything that is related to them. Don’t expect them to tell you “hey, I want you to notice my new shoes” because girls never speak out in so many details. It’s a man’s duty to become a good observer and prove to be the perfect match for the woman in case.

However, please don’t end up with the wrong conclusions: the basic cocky and funny technique does work like a charm on most girls. Of course, there are some exceptions to this as well (like there are exceptions to every category). So what does cocky and funny mean? We’ll talk about it later in this article.

Messed up hair, dirty teeth, bad mouth odor

Well, yes. This is a simple thing to follow: a girl always wants hygiene. We all know that out of comfort or not caring, men will often neglect basic hygiene. However, girls cannot accept such partners and will probably never want to hang out with you again if they notice that your hair is messy, or even that your fingernails are uncut and dirty. Let’s face it: it’s disgusting to walk out the door in such a condition.

Of course, dirty teeth are not allowed. Imagine how it would feel like to finally end up getting your first kiss with a hot date and then you’d realize you

can’t kiss her because your mouth odor is like you didn’t wash your teeth since days. What would happen is that your hot date would neatly ‘run away’. Not literally, but she would avoid you further on, all the time, no matter how much you’d try to be with her.

Looking at other girls’ buttocks while hanging out with your date

You’d definitely want to avoid that! While you are hanging out with girls, even if you know you’re still single (you didn’t conquer her heart yet), you should totally avoid staring at other women’s curves. Not like you wouldn’t observe there are other pretty women out on the streets, but you’d make your potential partner feel very uncomfortable.

On the other hand, she’d consider you a fake person, because you are the one who is trying to make her believe that she is the only girl for you. And trust me: when girls observe that you have started to make up lies … they will become different and lie to you constantly as well, in order to protect themselves from getting hurt. Think of it as this: if you’d be in her situation with a girl, you’d probably act the same way, politely but smartly keeping a good distance.

How to approach girls

Approaching girls is yet another chapter of a big book. However, we’ll focus on general theories, rather than inventing ‘techniques’ that work on some girls but fail on a lot of other girls.

Every girl is unique

The first thing you must know before approaching girls is that every girl has her own personality. She is a unique person, dresses in her own way, has her own dreams and ideals in life and has her specific hobbies and expectations as to how her potential partners have to be like. Don’t try to schematize girls because they don’t ‘work’ on a scheme or on a template. It is true that girls can be categorized by personalities, type of preferred music and so on, but still approaching them is always different.

Do it with confidence

The basic rule of approaching girls is doing it with style and strong inner confidence. Girls are the best lie detectors, fear detectors, non-alpha male detectors in the entire world. What makes certain men alpha males? Trust me: it’s not the muscles, not the cars and definitely not the social class. If you are special in your own way, if you have your unique style, you can easily get girls who are normally considered to be ‘out of your league’.

She is out of my league – myth

This is another thing we want to reflect on within this article: the ‘out of your league’ category. There is no such thing. Women who won’t want to be with you because you really don’t have a car of their expectations or don’t dress exactly like they have imagined, then it makes no sense to want these girls. Superficial women don’t make good girlfriends and they don’t make good wives either. Every normal girl, even if trying to prove that she is up to high expectations will fall for boys who prove themselves to be worth trying, who show themselves confident, stylish, classy, of good manners and of good sense of interacting with women.

Now, referring to style and inner confidence, there’s again no template. The style should be any style that is your own style and inner confidence must be present in every man. If you are uncertain of your wishes and plans, better stay single until you clear them up and only after then try approaching girls. Words like perhaps, maybe, guess shouldn’t be used too frequently when asking out girls. You have to find a unique invitation, some text you did not read from the internet, but came from your heart. Believe me, once you’re there, you will have funny but stylish ideas. The most of the ideas which would seem ‘too risky to ask’ are the working ones: ask them with confidence. What’s the worst that could happen? The girl says no. That is not a loss because there are thousands of girls out there, and a girl who wasn’t your girlfriend can’t be considered a loss if she refuses to be (losing something that is not yours – that is not a loss).

How to impress a girl

Above in this article, we have already mentioned some methods that need to be discussed in details. Impressing girls isn’t an easy task, but shouldn’t become too hard either. Please remember this time as well: no templates. More

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