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Tips how to jump higher

The Only 6 Tips to Jump Higher You Will Ever Need

26 March 2011 No Comment

When you want to jump higher, the best place to start is with some tips to jump higher. Because you can easily start improving your vertical jump if you know the right tips to jump higher .

So here is the best list of tips on the web about how to jump higher. If you find better, please let me know and I will fix this.

1. Keep Your Workouts Simple. The best thing about jumping is that everyone has jumped since they were a kid. So most everyone knows basically how to jump. So do not overthink it when you try to start a workout for increasing your vertical. It will not help you out. I promise. you will be glad when you can just go in, do a few jumping exercises every day and switch them every few weeks.

2. Use High Repetitions. You run an average of 3.2 miles per basketball game, and that means a lot of steps and a lot of jumping. So for that reason you will need to train your body to jump repeatedly. That is why I like doing jump rope as a warmup since you can do 300-500 jumps in a row to first get your legs warmed up and second get your muscles used to jumping a lot in order to replicate a game.

3. Keep Proper Form. Since you can improve much more when you actually perform the exercises correctly (as they were intended),

so make sure to do that. Otherwise you are shortcutting yourself on incredible improvements. So it’s not a bad idea to get a trainer or coach to help you see when you are doing things wrong.

4. Use Your Arms More Than You Are. You can more than double your vertical jump by just using your arms correctly. That means swinging your arms big and time them with your takeoff so that they explode upwards as your leg drives up.

5. You Aren’t Using Your Legs Right Either. You can use either a single-leg takeoff or a double-leg jump, but the best jumpers use just one-leg takeoff’s because you don’t need power, you need explosiveness. And the more explosive you are, and driving your opposite leg up will give you both the push off the ground and the drive into the air, so it is double the power and double the jump.

6. Train Every Day. One thing about high reps and short workout periods is that you can workout multiple times per week without overtraining. Just be careful and watch when you can’t perform a set with proper form. This is when you will start to see injuries pop up. So keep the numbers up and you will see your vertical jump increase.

These are the 6 Tips to Jump Higher that you will ever need. Don’t over-complicate it or you will lose. Guaranteed. Keep your workouts simple, keep proper form, and jump with your entire body not just your legs, and train often.

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