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How To Train A Pitbull Puppy

tips how to train a dog

Dogs, just like humans, are always in a constant process of learning. The sooner you learn this lesson the better, especially if you have been striving to learn how to train a Pitbull puppy.

If you come up with the right rules on how to treat your dog, you can train it to literally any behavior you desire. A Pitbull puppy could be a little demanding, but the young age will always be an added advantage. Have a look at 6 crucial tips that could bail you out.

1. Zero Confrontation

Aggression is one of the hardest undesirable habits to train your Pitbull puppy out of. This is especially so if you also try to be confrontational every time the dog aggresses.

For the success of your training program, you need to learn how to ignore or warn the dog in such instances. Putting it in situations where it is forced to go on the defensive will only worsen the habit you are trying to correct. Worse still, the puppy could easily think you are joining in its game.

2. Have Specific Times for Feeding

Simple lessons such as feeding only during the stipulated times are some of the most important you can teach to a dog from a tender age. No matter how loud the puppy yells for food, all the power remains in your hands.

If your dog is used to having food in its feeding bowl all the time, it will get used to being in control. If you are serious on how to train a Pitbull puppy for the long term, start reminding it who real the boss is.

3. Don’t Give it Control

If you teach your Pitbull puppy to be in control right now, this will remain the status quo for years to come. You need to be hyper-sensitive to any situations that could make the dog feel it is in control.

A good example is when it tries to join you on your seat. Rather than encourage such behavior, you need to get its seat and remind it that its place is on the floor. This could sound mean to some pet owners but it is a lesson you

do not want to skip.

4. Praise has to be Earned

Just like your kids, you can’t afford to raise you puppies on handouts. Any specialist experienced in how to train a Pitbull puppy will concede that unwarranted praise is the key to disobedience.

If you praise the dog even when it has literally done nothing, you won’t be able to use praise for behavior modification in future. Controlling and rationing your praises will in fact make the dog view you as more authoritative.

In future, it will know it’s on the wrong track if the praises start fading.

5. Toys are a Privilege not a Right

Pet stores are these days stocked with countless toys that can be used to keep your puppy occupied. However, a wise master should always purchase and use the toys with caution.

Train the dog to use only one toy at any given time. Better still, you could restrict the use of toys to times when a certain desired habit is being praised.

Toys are going to be an indispensable part of behavior modification so it is in your best interest to use them correctly. You should also restrict the amount of playing time allowed.

6. Ignore Demanding Behavior

What should you do when your dog comes barking at you demanding food, toys or to be unleashed? Even if you were just planning to do so, never cave in to the demands of your dog, especially if you are still learning how to train a Pitbull puppy.

If is starts making demands by barking, only provide a listening ear after the barking stops. You also need to keep a keen eye on traces of pushy, subtle of defiant behavior and wipe them out on sight.

It should be clear by now that you have the mandate to shape the behavior of your dog. If you need your Pitbull puppy to mature into an obedient dog that reacts to your instructions, this is the time to start following the 6 steps you’ve learned on how to train a Pitbull puppy. This could take some time but the results are worth waiting for.

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