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Tips on how 2 kiss

tips on how 2 kiss

How to Kiss

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Before you start learning How to Kiss someone, here are a few things you must ensure…

1. There is mutual attraction between both of you

This will make the kissing experience more exciting and passionate. If it is your first kiss, here are a few signs that indicate when it is the right time to kiss.

2. Your partner is comfortable with the idea of getting intimate

This will save you embarrassment and also cause your partner to reciprocate in a way that will be pleasing to you.

3. Your lips and your breath are prepared for a kiss

This will draw your partner closer to you than getting turned off due to bad breath or dry & chapped lips. It is a good idea to carry mint if you are unsure of your breath. Sharing it might give a slight clue to the other person. And girls, please avoid wearing excessive lipstick or lip gloss!

If you have ensured these 3 things, you can be confident that you are going to have a great time kissing. After all, kissing isn’t as difficult as mathematics that takes ages to master.

The Lead Up to the Kiss

Step 1

You must appear relaxed, yet inviting. Keep your arms and your legs uncrossed. Make eye contact and let it linger for a moment longer than what’s usual between you two. Gaze softly, yet deeply. Smile looking at your partner’s face, but avoid tending towards laughter.

Step 2

Establish playful physical contact, but subtly. Try to get closer and whisper in the other person’s ear than speaking from a distance. Gently touch the other person’s shoulder or arm. If there is a connection between you two since a long time, holding hands is a good idea.

Step 3

If you get a positive vibe from

your partner that indicates that he/she too is in the same mood, you may gently kiss their cheek and retract instantly. See what response you get when you do this. Don’t be afraid to try this out because if you have come this far, a sweet little peck on the cheek will do no harm.

Step 4

If things are going right, there will be a brief silence. Look at your partner’s lips for a fraction of a second and look up again. Your smiles should disappear and your eyes should meet with the fire in them saying “I want to kiss you!”

Step 5

By this moment, a kiss is imminent. If you are standing, then the guy should put his hands around her waist or hold the girl’s face and the girl should put her hands around his neck. This usually keeps you in control of each other especially if it is the first time you are kissing. If you are sitting, then you either can hold each other’s face or run your fingers through your partner’s hair.

Step 6

If you are the one taking the lead, then tilt your face to one side slightly and lean in towards your partner. Either your partner will tilt their head to accommodate for the kiss or remain as they are and let you choose the position. The key now is to move closer to each other’s lips at a pace that doesn’t make you appear too desperate nor uninterested. Your lips will meet halfway and melt into a kiss.

If you would like to get into the real specifics of how to kiss the opposite sex, then you can try out the lessons below.

How to kiss beyond this depends on what type of kiss you get involved in… So next what you should know is the different types of romantic kisses couples share.

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