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9 Tips To STOP Getting Nervous Around GIRLS.

1. Find the CORE ISSUE.

Most guys completely miss that, and try to fix their nervousness by treating their surface symptoms.

For example, they will see a girl they like, think of approaching, take the first step, and feel nervousness.

So they will try to clamp down on the nervousness. Suppress it. Or they just try to ignore it.

Needless to say, it doesn’t usually work well.

The most important thing here is to work out what you’re actually choosing.

It’s actually something much deeper.

Now, according to most seduction community literature, you should be learning how to stop getting nervous around girls in conjunction with a myriad of other problems…

So, you should learn some body language tips so that you don’t “lean in” and don’t move your hands too much…

You should learn some tapping techniques to eradicate the chest tightness.

You should learn some openers to conceal the blank mind. And some proven DHV routines to stop your mindless mutterings.

And some Alpha male mindsets to stop supplicating.

3. Is there a FASTER and EASIER way?

What if there was a simple way to take care of ALL of those – at the same time? (yeah, and to stop getting nervous around girls, as well).

I know it sounds like a little to good to be true. But think about this…

3. Your Nervousness Is Situational.

Do you get nervous around your best mates? Do you get nervous watching TV with your family? Do you get a tightness in your chest in a movie cinema with your friends?

How often do you experience anxiety while eating at your favourite restaurant?

Yes, you probably do feel more comfortable in those “low pressure” places and that allows you to have a completely different experience of the world.

But why? And how?

4. Getting Into STATE.

So I want you to think back to one of your most enjoyable nights out, ever. It may have been a night out with the boys getting drunk and rowdy.

It may have been since you joined the seduction community community, picking up girls, it might have just been laughing with a beautiful woman.

It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that it was a night that was fun and very fulfilling.

So now that you’re there, I want you to pay attention to one particular thing…

Were you focusing on the external world – like what people are doing, what that mean, sand what that means about you?

Or were you focused on the internal world – on how you feel and what you desire to do?

And how did that focus allow you

to act?

Did you check your actions, hiding the real you away because you were concerned about what other people think?

Or did you freely follow your desires – not because you thought everyone liked you, but simply because you were not thinking about what other people think?

And how did you feel because of the actions you take that come from the focus you have? Did you feel caged, trapped, scared and nervous?

Or did you feel happy, joyous, free, and alive?

6. Were You NERVOUS??

On those nights, did you need body language tips, openers, routines, DHV’s and body tapping to help you stop getting nervous?

Or was there just nothing to worry about?

Now, I want you to run through the same questions over again, but this time for a night out where you didn’t enjoy yourself.

7. Imagine Your Worst Night Ever.

Go on, actually do it.

It’s important that you give it a shot because it’s the one thing that’s going to help you stop getting nervous around girls.

So what do you think this all means? What’s the key element here?

8. Internal Focus.

This is where most seduction community “gurus” will say, “It can’t be that easy!” Well, I’m pretty sure it can’t be as hard as most of those gurus make it.

The structures, the routines, the openers, attraction switches, the DHV’s negs, more, more, more, more.

How come when you’re in state, you don’t need to learn any of this? Have you ever wondered why picking up is so much easier when you just go out to have fun?

Now, the fun part. This is where we dig deep.

Whilst it can help you stop getting nervous around girls, it does require that you understand what’s going on underneath.

9. Fix Your Inner Game.

You’re trying to get girls attracted to you for a reason. And, as a result you’re getting nervous around girls for a reason.

Once you understand what that reason is, everything will change. (Hint: it has something to do with inner game).

If you want to start that inner game journey now, then begin by learning why 7 Reasons Why Dating Advice Can Make You Worse With Women .


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