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Tips on How to Stop Sweating

In this article I will describe some of the best tips I know on how to stop sweating.

Please understand that these tips aren’t going to work for everyone because there are many reasons why you may be suffering from excessive sweating. If you have had the condition for some time or you feel your sweating is extreme then the first thing you should do is talk to your preferred medical practitioner.

But if you one of the majority of sufferers of excessive sweating who is embarrassed about the large sweat patches under your arms, or you are terrified of shaking hands because of your sweaty palms then check out these tips on how to stop sweating.

Tip #1 – Relax!

Excessive sweating is a terrible vicious cycle. You sweat a little which makes you embarrassed, anxious and tense. Your tension and anxiety then makes you sweat a little more… And so the cycle continues until your clothes are saturated.

Now, think about a time when you didn’t sweat so much. Chances are you were in a relaxed state of mind. You were probably alone or with a loved one, away from the social anxiety that your sweating causes. At these times it didn’t matter whether you sweated or not. Who would care?

So it is logical to say that the most powerful strategy for how to stop sweating is simply to not care .

By mastering the psychological aspects of your excessive sweating you will considerably reduce the severity of your condition. And by using some excessive sweating control strategies it is much easier than you think.

Here is an example of how this might work:

You are in the car on your way to the office. Usually this is one of your most anxious times because you are worried about the sweat marks building up on your business shirt before you have even arrived at the office. But today, instead of wearing your business shirt, you are wearing a t–shirt. You think to yourself “who cares if I sweat right now? – I’ll be putting on my clean business shirt once I arrive at the office. ” Immediately you will feel more relaxed and as a result you will reduce your sweating.

Now, you may be sceptical because the example above only deals with one small situation but in a very realistic and pragmatic way you can manage your entire day using a variety of control strategies.

And remember that the key is not the specific control strategy you use; it is the reduction in your stress and anxiety levels that will ultimately reduce your excessive sweating.

Tip #2

– What not to wear

When you first start to apply control strategies to manage your excessive sweating it is important to become sensitive to things that reduce your sweating and things that exacerbate your condition.

Important examples are the clothes you wear and antiperspirant products that you apply. You should always experiment to find what works best for you but here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Choose clothes made from breathable natural fibres. Avoid wearing man-made materials such as nylon directly next to your skin.
  • Pick clothes in styles that are most comfortable for you. Ignore all advice about what you should wear – just pick items from your wardrobe that work best for you personally.
  • Choose a good antiperspirant product. Make sure the label says antiperspirant – and not just deodorant. Experiment with different brands and see if any improve your condition.
  • Try wearing dress shields. In the short term, choose disposable ones and carry a few spares with you.

Tip #3 – Be prepared

Carrying a few key items with you is probably the best thing you can do to immediately reduce your anxiety and, as a result, reduce your excessive sweating. I recommend the following items:

  • A spare shirt or blouse.
  • A spare pair of socks or tights.
  • Some disposable dress shields.
  • Some moist wipes to maintain your hygiene and help to cool you down.
  • A can or bottle of antiperspirant.

Ideally you with have these items on-hand at all times. You can read more about how I used this strategy in my article on how I beat my excessive underarm sweating .

What to do next?

I hope these tips inspire you to take some action. Each and every one will, to some extent, help to reduce or stop excessive sweating.

Remember there is currently no miracle solution to this condition so your best bet is to do lots of these small things that together will make a big difference in your life.

If you need more detailed guidance be sure to check out my excessive sweating product review section. There you will find some great resources on how to stop sweating.

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