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Tips To Apply Foundation

tips on how to apply foundation

Wednesday, December 10, 2014, 1:02 [IST]

Applying foundation can be tricky and it takes practice to perfect the art. Some of us apply too much of it, giving face a ghastly look; whereas too little amount of foundation makes skin look pale. And the never-ending question is how to apply foundation on Indian skin perfectly? So lets put an end to this dilemma. We bring you the step by step guide to apply foundation.

There are few points to note before we proceed to how to apply foundation flawlessly. First and foremost thing to remember is having the right shade of foundation. Cosmetics market is loaded with various shades of foundation and with pushy sales assistant you may end up buying a wrong shade. Common mistake that everyone does is to match the shade on the wrist. Do not do that. In fact check the shade of the foundation on your neck. The one that closely matches your skin is your shade.

Foundation comes in all sizes and shapes. Dry skin beauties should select foundation that comes as liquid, stick, of crème one and those with oily skin should go with mousse variant, however, you may also choose liquid ones (but be sure that it is water based foundation).

Also it is important to moisturise and hydrate your face before you apply foundation. This acts as a makeup base and helps the foundation to blend well into the skin.

Now that you know the basics let's

got to the step by step foundation application process:

  • Squeeze little amount of foundation on your palm and dot your face and neck with it. In case you want to use foundation brush dip it into the squeezed amount. Now beginning from the center of your face, i.e. nose, work up to the forehead, both the cheeks, chin and your neck. Blend it well either with the fingers, sponge or brush.
  • Do not forget to apply foundation on your neck. Applying foundation just on the face makes it stand out from the neck because of the different shades. Also dab on some to the sides of the neck.
  • Give special attention to uneven skin tone, pimples, spots or dark circles. Build up these areas with little more foundation and blend well.
You can remove the excess foundation with either tissue or sponge. Just dab on to the area (do not rub).
  • Once you are done with applying foundation, set it with compact or loose translucent powder. This ensures that your foundation stays intact for a longer time.

    With these simple tips on how to apply foundation with fingers, sponge or brush, you can get the even look. You can also build up the foundation according to the coverage you need. But be careful of not overdoing it.

    Pro tip: During cold weather add little foundation to your moisturiser and apply it evenly on the face. It gives natural glow to the face.

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