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7 Tips on How to Attract a Leo man

Published May 13, 2013 By admin

Leo Man sure is an epitome of overflowing confidence and passion. They are always hungry for power and success as they are always easy going and cool-headed. But behind those peers of admirers, Leo Men are usually full of self doubt and insecurities. As much as they are admired, they are also anxious on the different aspects of their being, which they secretly hide behind their aura of competence. These will be a great vantage point for you who want to attract a Leo Man.

There also other things you might need to know about the Leo Man you have always wanted to be yours. Leo Man are born with great supplies of pride, they are egoist and love the attention and admiration they receive from other people. They can be bold and flashy. They are not easily intimidated and have great goals in their life and career.

But Leo Man also has this playful side that can be so charming. They often find ways to make their work enjoyable or in a relationship, they find means to keep their relationship always burning with happiness and passion. They also make good leaders as they can easily communicate with others and they have the confidence to lead others.

Getting the attention of the Leo Man is very difficult as he has the tendency to see people as trophies that can add up to his list of admirable facts about him. So how do you get straight to his heart Be the other people. For the Leo Man there are only two kinds of people around him, admirers and haters. Show him that you are not both and you can see him as a normal


This may be somewhat difficult because Leo Men sure are admirable especially when they have great competence in the job they do. But they found people not interested in them interesting. Once you get to talk with him you can try to delve in his insecurities. But don’t be blunt and forward, ask him simple questions like “When do you find it hard to keep up with the boss’s orders?” You will be even surprised that answer from your Leo Man will be spontaneous and continuous. He likes listener especially if they are not one of his admirers which seem low profile to him. Then you can make him feel more appreciated if after all the negativity you heard him say about himself, you will give him better appreciation. It is like making him feel proud that being bad in golf is not a bad thing that he well excels in other things you deem more important.

Now that you have established a communication, you can now ask him for a casual date like going to newly open sports complex, museum or the movies. Just keep it cool with the Leo Man, as much as possible, make your proposal sound something more of a friendly tone than someone head-over-heels-you tone.

Once you get into the relationship mode, never fail to notice and show him other aspects of himself that he seldom, if not never, heard anybody told him before. That would be a great boost in your relationship because he will see you as someone very special who can understand and appreciate him best. And one more thing, keep him happy and live up to his style, as a saying goes, a happy man, is a loyal man.

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