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Tips on how to attract women

tips on how to attract women

What are the things that most women go for in a man besides the good looks? Here are 10 tips to attract women.

IMPORTANT: You do not need to be particularly good looking or rich to get a woman. If you know how to behave and know what to say, you can go a very long way with most women.

    Confidence. Women are attracted to men who look confident (not to be mistaken with arrogance), in control, comfortable and at ease in any situation and environment. Confidence is one of the most important traits in a man. Remember, w ith women it is mostly a psychological game .
    Charme . Again, this is not to be confused with arrogance. A charming man is a man who is relaxed, funny, slightly flirtatious (not sleazy!) and a good entertainer (although not a clown!).
    Good manners . If you are rude, ignorant and do not know how to behave in public, you would be considered as a simple embarrassment. Women would not want to be associated with you and in most cases would avoid you like the plague.
    Savoire faire . Women love attention. This is a fact. They love to feel that they are the most important and precious thing ever. If you want to get a woman, you must show her attention. You must be careful not to over-do it though. If you over-do it, she will loose interest. You must pay her a compliment every now and then, offer her a drink (or whatever), show her some attention for a while, but you must also give your attention to other people (i.e. you must never give the impression of being desperate. The moment you do, she will loose interest). You must leave her with the feeling of wanting more from you.
    Look clean and smell nice . Most women are really put off by a man who looks scruffy or dirty or that can be smelled from a distance! Avoid bathing in cheap aftershave or use half a bottle of deodorant. That is SERIOUSLY off putting. Use, sparingly, only expensive aftershave (avoid cheap and nasty stuff: women can tell!) and bit of good and non-overpowering deodorant (i.e. if you leave a strong trail, you have over-done it).

    Tell interesting stories. Women respond very well to conversation. They love to hear funny anecdotes or cool short stories (e.g. adventures you or your friends have had etc). AVOID long monologues or giving too many details when telling stories. This is not considered as ‘interesting conversation’ but as ‘boring and agonising listening session’. DO NOT go there.
    Listen to her . Show a real interest in the things that she is saying. When women talk, they share a part of themselves, being that dreams, experiences, feelings etc. When they do that, they feel they have connected with you. Women detest men who do listen to them. It seriously infuriates them.


    Wear an expensive watch . This is perhaps not essential to all women, although most women would notice your watch (especially a Rolex ). Whatever you do, DO NOT make a blatant reference to your expensive watch if you are wearing one. Men who do that are classified as cheap. Let the woman discover your watch by herself. You can be certain that she will.
    Buy a Sport car. Most women do like sport and expensive cars and would be very pleased if they attracted a man who had one (Mercedes, or Porsche, or similar). Once again, your attitude is vital in this. DO NOT brag about it. That would not be cool. You MUST BE COOL about it. Let her find out about it. Be certain that she will, and when she does she will be very impressed by the fact that you haven’t bragged about it (although she may not tell you that). By you being cool about the expensive things you possess (such as an expensive watch or sport car), she will assume that these things are normal for you. That will make you look cooler and even more desirable.

    Take her to expensive places, at least occasionally. And pay for it! If you spend money on a woman, she will feel that you really appreciate her. However, be careful not to scrutinise the bill too much when it arrives. A quick glance is more than enough. Otherwise she will think that you are tight with your money, and women HATE men who are tight with their money. Tightness with money is one of the worse traits that a man could possible have!

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