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3 Tips On How To Avoid Emotional Eating During The Holidays

tips on how to avoid eating

It’s no surprise that many people, especially women, tend to pack on a few pounds between Halloween and the New Year. Not only are we all suddenly surrounded by delicious treats, but we are also being constantly exposed to stress, a powerful emotional eating trigger.

At times, your efforts may seem futile, but you shouldn’t give up! Fortunately, there are many effective ways to stay calm and in control of your indulgences this holiday season. has recommended these 3 easy-to-implement methods:

How To Become Aware Of Your Emotional Eating Triggers

Keep a journal of your eating. Self-monitoring your feelings and indulgences is an easy way to become aware of your behavioral patterns and emotional triggers, as well as the situations in which you tend to overeat.

Eventually, you’ll also become aware of ways to handle and overcome the specific challenges you uncover with the journal’s help. This will happen a lot sooner if you do not criticize or judge yourself. If you have the power to contribute to creating a problem, you also have the power to contribute to its resolution.

How To Overcome The Temptation To Overeat

In fact, you can speed up this process if you actively seek to

replace negativity with positivity. You might keep a list of motivational sayings handy, step outside for a breath of fresh air instead of pouring another drink, or joyfully resolve to treat yourself to a hot bubble bath later instead of a few more cookies now. Don’t be afraid to look to friends and families for support, guidance, and accountability.

Setting some ground rules, such as no eating after a specific time or no second helpings, may also be very helpful. This way, you won’t be constantly fretting over how much is too much when you should be enjoying time with loved ones.

How To Boost Your Mood Naturally This Winter

You already know that fitting in fitness everyday is one of the best things you can do to lift your mood. This might seem like a daunting task, but even a small bit of exercise can go a long way. While out holiday shopping, you might try parking in the back of the lot and power walking to the store, or choosing to always take the stairs.

Natural light is also an almost magical mood booster. A daily early morning walk will do literal wonders for both your spirits and waistline this winter.

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