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Tips on how to babysit

tips on how to babysit


Okay, a couple of things. Firstly, never ever ever preform the Heimlich on an infant. Ever. Secondly, watching a video on first aid and CPR does not qualify you to perform either of these, also you don't state if the video was on infant CPR. If, Gods forbid, you find yourself in a situation where CPR is required you must call the emergency services immediately. If another form of first aid is required and it isn't life threatening you should call the parents immediately.

A 13 year old with no babysitting experience watching a 6 month old.

First and foremost, babies cry. You can try to feed the baby, change the diaper, rock the baby to sleep/walk around with the baby, make sure no clothing tags or anything is bothering the baby, make sure baby is not too hot or cold, play with the baby, check for fever. If you can't get the baby comforted and are started to feel overwhelmed, please please please remember NEVER EVER SHAKE A BABY. Shaking a baby can cause severe brain damage or even death. Educate yourself on shaken baby syndrome. Put the baby in a safe

place such as a crib, walk away for a minute and call the mother.

Source(s): Also remember to NEVER leave baby on any elevated surface unattended. Not a couch, bed, changing table, NOTHING. Not even for a second. Always take the baby with you. If for some reason you absolutely can't and need to walk away for a second such as to go to the bathroom, make sure the baby is somewhere safe. A crib, playpen, on a blanket on the floor with nothing dangerous around.

If you are responsible for bathing the baby, remember to keep hands and eyes on baby every second. Babies can quickly drown in even an inch of water.

Make sure you find out how often baby usually eats, how much he eats, how often he naps, what usually gets him to sleep, favorite toys/books he has, favorite games.

Sorry for all the safety advice, but I know when I was 13 I didn't know squat about babies. Im a mother and the thought of leaving a baby with an inexperienced 13 year old just makes me very nervous. No offense.

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