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How to Become a Good Basketball Player

tips on how to be a good basketball player Last Updated: Aug 21, 2013 | By James Patterson
Basketball is a team sport that also requires individual skills. Teams must work together but rely on the skills of each player to score and defend against other teams. Improving your skills as a basketball player will increase your chances of moving up and participating in more competitive teams, such as in recreational leagues or in high school.

Step 1

Practice the fundamental skills that will make you a better player. Practice dribbling in between cones or chairs for better ball-handling skills. Practice shooting 3-pointers, free throws and mid-range jump shots to develop an all-around shooting game.

Step 2

Work on dribbling with both hands to become a better ball-handler. Being able to use both hands will help you change directions and move more confidently around the floor. Practice shooting left-handed and right-handed layups equally to be able to execute either one depending on how the play unfolds during the game.

Step 3

Ask a couple of friends to help you with rebounding drills. Have one player shoot the ball while you practice boxing out the other player. Turn your back to the player as the ball is shot and use your body to establish position. Jump and catch the ball as it bounces off the rim.

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