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How to Be a Good Public Speaker


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Video Transcript

We are here to learn about public speaking. In our episode today, we are going to learn about my favorite word: “approachability.” But how to be approachable on stage? Professional speakers or any public speaker, they are not always known for being the most approachable people in the world. Now my experience with wearing a name tag 24 x 7 wherever I go, I have understood what approachability looks like. So let me share with you three ways, if you can increase your approachability from the platform.

#1 Tell them where you screwed up. Share stories where you were not the hero. You did something wrong. People can connect with you easier that way.

#2 Get out into the audience, get away from the stupid podium,

start walking around, shake peoples’ hand, come up and touch them. Not in a horrible place; but in the same way connect with them.

#3 Hang out. Do not be the speaker who gives this talk, thank you very much and… is out of there, goes to the airport. No… You stay with them afterwards, you meet people, ask questions; if you want Q & A go for it. Do not leave right away. Be there because if anything approachability is about physical availability. You need to be there, before the speech, after the speech, that technique, combined with some of these others, will assure you to have a sense of approachability, even from the platform.


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