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Tips on how to be a good singer

tips on how to be a good singer

Basics Of Becoming A Good Singer

There are many ways to become a good singer and have a wonderful singing voice. The most popular way is of course to identify a good singing teacher to be trained by him/her. But this will take alot of time and can be very expensive.

So if you can't afford the lessons, you can also find some self-study singing lessons which you can practise from the comfort of your home. However, this requires some discipline on your part.

Believe it or not, unless your vocal cord is damaged beyond repair or you are dumb, all of us have a voice that can be trained to become a good singer. So why not tap on this potential in you as we cannot get away from singing at some time or another like during a karaoke nights, in church or at a friend's birthday party?

Afterall, singing is one of the easiest entertainments we can find. So if you want to become a better singer, here are basics of good singing you must master.

Warming up your voice before singing is a very important factor that is often overlooked. Warming up your voice not only help you relax your vocal folds so that your voice and soar freely and effortlessly, it also protects your vocal cord from damages. Warming up your voice properly will also ease up the tension in your body that affects your singing.

Do keep in mind that singing should be from the diaphragm and not from your throat. Although most people know this, the question is how in the world do you sing from the diaphragm? Well, this can only be accomplished with good breathing and vocal exercises and is the foundation of any good singing lessons you may take.

An important point in becoming a good singer is to carry a good posture. Most people and even some professional singers do not realize that your posture can and do affect your singing voice and ability and sometimes just a minor correction to your posture may make a great difference to your voice and vocal ability.

Good diction will make your lyrics come through clearly, however, this again requires constant practice with some tongue twisters.

Next, you should determine your vocal range. This not only helps you find suitable songs for you to sing but it will also keep you from damaging your voice if you are trying too hard to reach higher ranges.

If your vocal range is narrow, then you can take singing lessons to widen it. There are many vocal exericises that can widen your range by more than an octave!

If you have opted for a home study singing course, then find a quiet place to practice and do it regularly. You may need a little help from a friend or someone who can be honest with you to check if you are singing in key. This will help you to correct and improve your singing technique.

Among the things that you should check is whether you are singing on the right key and not going flat and pitchy, if you are breathing correctly and not gasping for breath, and if you have a good singing voice.

To be a good singer, you should develop your own unique singing style that is you and not copy other established singers or otherwise you are merely a copycat and your audience will know! If you are not quite sure which style suits you best, you may want to try them all to help you determine what fits your character, your voice and what style you are most comfortable with.

The main key to become a good singer is to keep on practicing. Practice not only on the songs but on the vocal exercises that will train your voice to the standard that you desire. You can also work on honing your techniques in performing if you intend to sing to an audience.

Learning to become a better singer can be fun and a great experience as well. So do not forget to keep in mind that you also have to protect your singing voice. That simply means that you avoid things that may hurt your voice such as shouting frequently, singing above or way below your vocal range, not warming up and cooling down or simply just avoiding smoking and alcohol.

Go on, have fun in becoming a good singer soon. Click good home study singing lesson.

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