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12 tips on how to be a good waitress from a customer’s point of view

tips on how to be a good waitress

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Lafayette waitresses and waiters might be interested in these tips for waiting tables:


  • Greet your guests promptly. Bring your guests water and a menu. (Yes, everyone likes to have a water glass on the table JUST in case we get thirsty.) Make sure the table has utensils on it.
  • Take their orders for drinks. Write down what everyone orders and ask if they will be on separate checks or the same check. Try to remember what food and drink goes with which party.
  • Size up the party. Is this a group of people who are visiting, chatting and looking like they are not having any trouble socializing and eating at the same time? If so, please do NOT interrupt the party and appear at the table only when you have to. Is the party casual or professional?
  • If the party appears to be lacking in conversation, by all means come to the table often. Your party will appreciate any conversation you can contribute and will welcome your frequent visits. Proceed accordingly depending on the party you have. If there is lots of conversation or it appears like there is a “meeting”, visit the table sparingly.
  • Take their appetizer orders and dinner orders if ready. If your guests asks for suggestions on the menu, know what is good, know what is vegan, low fat, gluten free, etc. Know your menu and drinks!
  • Serve them the appetizers. Clear the table when everyone is finished.

  • If there is food left on the plate, ask if they would like to keep the appetizer on the table or would they like you to remove it? Do not assume.
  • Bring them their dinner order. Ask if they need anything else: another drink, sauce, napkins, etc.
  • Watch from afar to make sure all parties are completely finished before arriving back at the table. Ask them how the food was? Ask them if they need anything else, like dessert, another drink? About this time they will most probably ask for the check. If they don’t ask for the check it’s because they are visiting. Let them visit. Stop interrupting. The customer will summon you when they are ready to leave.
  • Offer a "doggie bag" for any leftovers. Food is very expensive and everyone appreciates lunch the next day.
  • And lastly, please don’t return to the table to glare at the party and complain about the tip. Each party is responsible for their own tipping if everyone is paying separately.
  • Tipping is supposed to be between 15% to 20%; however, if a party “stiffs” you, perhaps there was a reason. Go over the above “tips” to see if these rules are being followed.

Do readers have any “tips” of their own? What’s your “pet peeve?”

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