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Tips on how to be a rapper

tips on how to be a rapper

How To Become A Better Rapper

There are many up and coming rappers out there that want to know how they can become better rappers. I have put together four main keys on how up and coming rappers can become better.

This is a pretty obvious one, without practice you can’t become better and if you can’t become a good rapper you won’t be able to separate yourself from the rest of the competition. How often should you practice?

You should practice as much as you can for as many hours as you can. At least three days a week for two hours. If you can practice more do so. the more you practice the better you become.

With all the up and coming rappers trying to make it out there you will certainy stand out by being unique. That’s the problem with music now a days everyone sees one formula working and copies it, no one is brave enough to branch out and try new sounds.

The best way to separate yourself from the competition is to have a unique sound and

unique look. Ask Lady Gaga, that’s why she’s so successful right now. It’s because she brings a fesh sound and look to pop music.

3) Be In A Creative Atmosphere

Being in a creative atmosphere is a healthy environment for you to create music in. A lot of artist can’t seem to be inspired to write when they’re in stressful environment. Find a location that allows you to be inspired to write amazing songs.

4) Associate Yourself With The Best

In order to become the best you can be you have to surround yourself with the best, so their qualities can rub off on you. Associating yourself with good rappers will challenge you to become a better rapper. Be around the best so you can become the best. Do features on songs with artist that you know will chalenge you to write verses as good as theirs. this is how you increase your writing skills.

So that’s it. Four solid keys to becoming a better rapper!

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