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How To Become A Better Singer – Be A Better Singer With These 3 Tips

tips on how to be a singer

By Aaron Anastasi

I’m sure you can sing a little bit, right? I mean, you sing in the shower (which, by the way, has amazing acoustics and is a good vocally-hydrated place to do voice exercises!) and in the car along with the radio. But how do you go from there to learning how to become a better singer? The good news is that if you’re serious about wanting to be a better singer, there are some concrete things that you can do today that will get you moving in that direction.

In this article you’ll discover:

  • How your posture can make a marked difference in your singing today
  • Proper breath and breathing to maximize vocal strength and control
  • One exercise that you haven’t heard of that will help you tremendously

You may have never considered how your tense back, shoulders and/or neck may affect your singing. But the truth is that tension makes a significant difference in how much air you are able to intake and how much strain is put on your throat and voice. Released muscles simply help you sing better.

Aside from stretching and massage, the best thing you can do to release and prevent tension is to pay attention to your posture. Sounds silly, I know. It’s like your mom is writing this article or something, right?

When you are hunched over, or even just sitting down you are dramatically reducing the possible air capacity that your lungs can hold. The same goes for your shoulders. If your shoulders are forward, the same is true, and if they are up, they begin to put pressure and tension on your neck, which in turn affects your throat and therefore your voice.

Proper posture is easy explain and very easy to attain; it’s the paying attention to your posture part that is more difficult. This following exercise will help you with both:

Put your back up against a wall, and make sure your heels, backside, shoulders and the back of your head are all flush up against the wall. Hold that position for about 30 seconds and then walk forward without moving out of that position. Get a sense of what proper posture feels like. Allow your arms to hang down comfortably by your side, shoulders down. Notice how relaxed you feel. Take in a nice deep breath and feel how much space you have created by using proper posture.

If you do this once a day for a couple of weeks, you will become more aware of the times when your posture is incorrect and hindering your singing. You can make this a habit that will immediately affect your singing in a positive way.

Breath and Breathing


may be tempted to skip over this section thinking you know how to breathe. Of course you know how to breathe in order to stay alive, but proper breathing for singing is different than everyday breathing. And my guess is that you, like most others, have created some bad breathing habits that hinder you from being the singer that you are capable of being.

If you’ve ever closely watched a baby breathe, that is how to breathe to get the maximum amount of air for sustaining notes, keeping pitch and singing strongly. How do think it is that babies, with their tiny little lungs have such an incredible capacity to project their voice when screaming or crying. Their proper breathing certainly helps.

When you take a deep breath, notice whether your chest rises and then falls when you exhale. Your shoulders may even rise a little bit. This is a very common breathing habit that is formed over the years.

In contrast, a baby’s chest will remain stationary when inhaling, while it’s little stomach will expand to full capacity. This is the proper way to breathe, the way that will allow you to take in the most amount of air to give you all you need to sing with power.

You may have heard of singing from your diaphragm. This is the idea. And now I want to give you one uncommon exercise that I think is the most important in helping you breathe properly and learn to sing from your diaphragm.

The following exercise will help you sing from your diaphragm instead of your throat by getting you in the habit of engaging your diaphragm when you sing. Mastering this procedure and this exercise will help you:

  • Sing with far more power
  • Considerably reduce vocal fatigue
  • Sing with better pitch
  • Learn to breath properly while singing to maximize your singing voice
  • Learn to catch a quick breath in the middle of singing a phrase

I call the exercise panting because it resembles panting like a dog! The idea is to take in a short breath of air and shoot it back out like a dog does while panting. Make sure your throat is nice and open, and you can even place your hand on your stomach to feel and make sure it is expanding and contracting, rather than having you chest rising and falling. Do it a couple of time in and out and then try to pant for about 15 seconds. Don’t hyperventilate and pass out!

Doing this panting exercise for a few minutes everyday will train you to sing from your diaphragm and help you to sing with more power.

I hope this article was helpful, and thanks for reading!

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