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7 Tips On How to Spy on a Cell Phone

tips on how to be a spy

Published in Phone Spying on 26th July 2012

Today you will hardly find anyone without a cell phone. In fact, cell phones have gone far beyond being devices that provide connectivity. They bring functions that improve our lives at home or at work, and things that we can use to keep ourselves amused. Cell phones have even become extensions of our identity. Through a cell phone, you can find out what a person likes, the places where he or she goes, the music that the individual listens to and his or her lifestyle.

If for instance you are worried about your family, there is a way to find out how they are doing. That is through spying on their cell phone. The following are 7 tips on how to spy on a cell phone. Also be sure to check out 7 ways to locate a cell phone when you get a chance.

Buy Cell Phone Spy Software

There are numerous software developers that offer cell phone spying programs and finding them is as simple as searching for them on the internet. There are many forms of cell phone spies and it would be better to cover it on a different topic. The basic features of cell phone spies are deleted text message retrieval, call eavesdropping, and GPS tracking.

Reverse Search Phone Numbers

There is a way to save a number with a different name or without a name. If you find a number that is dubious in nature, you can reverse it. A reverse search service can bring information about a number, such as its owner’s name and address. This can get tedious if you have to check through many anonymous numbers.

Check the Phone Bills

Calls, text messages and emails sent through a phone may be deleted. But it will appear in the phone bill. This would require a bit of detective skills because you would need to compare

what appears on the bill to what does not appear on the phone log.

Activate the Phone’s GPS

Most cell phones have GPS capabilities. This feature will let you track the whereabouts of the phone you are monitoring. However, since it is built into the person’s phone, he or she can deactivate it when it is time to sneak. You can nevertheless find independent GPS software that you can stealthily activate and connect to a phone.

Use a Third Party Recorder

There are websites on the internet that can record phone calls and voice mails. This will serve as a third party cell phone service provider that will give you a secret phone number. You can call this secret number and listen to the voice mails and calls made and received in your loved one’s cell phone.

Share Files with The  Phone You Want to Monitor

This is effective only to see the files that he or she downloaded and to find out if the person hides files from you. Take note, you must do this at the time your loved one least expects it. If a person has nothing to hide, sharing won’t be a problem. If you have a cell phone spy software, that would be better because you will be able to see even the hidden files.

Check the Phone While No One Is Looking

Indeed, there are lots of useful spy technologies today but still, checking the phone yourself is the cheapest and easiest way to do it. This tip should actually be the first on our list. The idea may sound absurd and ridiculous but this is the true essence of espionage – finding the truth out by yourself. An person can be caught red-handed by this underrated method so do not under estimate it.

There you go! You wanted to know how to spy on a cell phone. Go forth and use what you learned.

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