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5 Psychology Tips on How to Be Attractive to Women

Attracting women can often be very challenging, especially if there are many suitors vying for the lady’s attention. Indeed, many men may give up because they think they are too poor, or too plain.

WhileВ physical attractiveness В and money certainly elevates your chances of attracting a woman, they are not the only things that matter. There is actually ascience В behind attracting women. Understanding this science will help to improve your success with women.

In the book Influence. Robert Cialdini laid out five aspects of social attraction –

  1. Physical attractiveness.
  2. Similarity.
  3. Compliments.
  4. Contact and Cooperation.
  5. Conditioning and Association.

You can beВ more successful at attracting women В if you enhance some or all of the factors above.

5 Psychology Tips on How to Be Attractive to Women

1. Good Grooming

There is no denying that physical attractiveness matters while trying to woo

a woman.

In fact, social psychology studies show that we sub-consciously associate physically attractive people with positive traits including kindness, honesty, and intelligence. Often, we may deny this, but the fact remains that we have been conditioned through evolution and popular media to value external beauty.

Physically attractive and well groomed men В are more likely to receive help, more likely to make a good impression, and more likely to succeed with women.

How to Attract Women – Good Grooming

While trying to attract women, make sure you are well dressed, and properly groomed. Men tend to sweat a lot more than women, and a smelly, sweaty man is a big turn-off. Therefore, make sure you not only look good, but also smell good.

If you are sticky and sweaty, your date will not want to come near you no matter how handsome you may look.

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