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How do i become anorexic or bulimic

tips on how to be bulimic

Ok I know it's dumb but im 13 and in a size 5 pants I need to loose weight evin if that means the unhealthy way!

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cheerleader1, i couldnt help but read ur question. i honestly dont know where to begin. i hurt for u! im not gunna be like everyone else telling u thats its stupid. however, if anyone knows what ur going thru it would be me. ive struggled with anorexia since the 7th grade and im 20 years old now. my senior year in highschool was good. but starting in college took its toll on me and ive relapsed. i wouldnt wish having an eating disorder on ANYONE not even my worst enemy. please please dont do this to urself! im 20 years old and 5 foot 1 in tall and wear size 2. everytime i get thinner its still not good enough. ITS ADDICING! i dont want u to get cought up in the same thing i did. im unhappy and fat! ur young and have so mcuh to live for! God made u beautiful! its hard to see urself the way other people see u. i would give anything to see myself the way others see me. i dont care how thin i get i will always be fat. but u, ur beautiful! please see that! i would love to talk to u more! if u want to! i hope u do. my email is do u have face book?

i used to be the same way as you. i was overweight up until last year. and everytime i saw like a weight loss commercial, i would be like. i wish i could use that. or things like that. and i've tried making myself throw up, but it didn't work

for me. but honestly, you will grow taller and things will begin to look better. the next year at school people were like omg, you've gotten so skinny. but i barely exericsed or anything. i think you will grow into your weight. just give it time. and eat healthy and excerise. that will help the pounds fall off easier. it's a lot better then doing harm to your body.

If you are going for that "malnourished" look and you don't want the malnourishment then become a carb-conscious Vegan. I have known many vegans and they all look anorexic. Yet they all eat constantly. Bolemics and Anorexics hurt themselves very badly to accomplish the same look.

WTF! i would love to be a size 5, its not that bad, and so what if your not a zero maybe the weight that youre at is the healthy one for your body, anorexia is a DISEASE do you want to have a disease, in the end you will be happier if you dont become anorexic.

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oh my gosh. dont do that! its so unhealthy. just excersize alot and try to walk to school. and do more summer activities. it will help alot to just excersize instead of going anrexic. that could kill you. its bad!!

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Why would you want to be unhealthy? It does not sound like you need to lose any weight.

If you are healthy, then you will be a healthy weight. Just eat healthy food and exercise a little to maintain that healthy weight. Drinks lots of water, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and avoid stuff that you already know is bad for you. When you look at nutrition labels, avoid things with lots of saturated fat.

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