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How To Be Environmentally Friendly And Save Money

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I was watching television today and noticed a new commercial I’ve never seen before. It immediately caught my eye because it said that we use enough toilet paper rolls that could fill the Empire State Building twice in a year.

That was mind boggling to me.

This famous toilet paper line is now producing toilet paper without actually having the rolls. It made me think back for a second and ask why hasn’t this been done before? What’s the point of having toilet paper cardboard rolls in the first place?

I’ve heard a lot in the news lately about how to be more environmentally/green friendly and why it’s so important. Below are different ways to become more environmentally friendly. The ways below will probably save you money as well!

1. Change your lightbulb. Instead of using what most people use today, use a florescent lightbulb. They last much longer and save you money as well. This will reduce pollution in our world astronomically if everyone did this.

2. Stop rinsing your dishes before you put them in the dishwasher. This will help with the heating costs of rinsing the water and will also obviously help with water costs.

3. Something that I will definitely be doing when I’m older, is using cloth diapers. It’s mind blowing to me how many diapers people go through a day and it simply pollutes the world and takes up A LOT of space in the landfills. If you don’t want to use cloth diapers, use environmentally friendly diapers instead.

4. Stop all of your paper bills. We are now into a technological world and we no longer

honestly need to have paper bills when it can all be sent to your email. This will eliminate using tons of paper.

5. Fly with an e-ticket instead of a paper ticket. I use my phone to show my ticket at the airport and all they have to do is simply scan the ticket through my phone. It saves a ton of paper since almost every plane ticket costs almost $10. This will save a ton for the plane industry and is also environmentally friendly.

6. If you no longer need a phone book, let them know you no longer need it. I actually don’t even know of anyone that actually uses these phonebooks, especially with the booming technology industry. You can find absolutely everything online these days.

7. Recycle as much as you can including cell phones. These cell phones and the batteries inside can bring toxic substances into the environment. People usually keep their phone for less than 2 years which leads to many cell phones landing in the landfill.

8. Invest in a coffee cup instead of getting new cups every time you go to a coffee shop. At Starbucks and other coffee shops, you will save money if you have your own reusable coffee cup.

9. Invest in a water bottle instead of using disposable water bottles. I still don’t quite understand why people buy water through disposable bottles. You also save a ton of money when you spend a mere 10 bucks on a water bottle as opposed to buying new water bottles every week or month.

10. Turn off your computer at night and this will save up to 40 watts being used. It will also help in saving money each day.

What are some tips you can share to be more environmentally friendly? Do you do any of the things that I included above?

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