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10 tips on how to get fit during your working day… without going to the gym

There are lots of ways to keep fit and healthy without getting a gym membership. Edwina Langley shows you how

As a rule: always take the stairs

Do you spend all day sitting at work and have no time for the gym? If so, don’t let your fitness suffer. Read these top 10 tips on how to work exercise naturally into your daily routine.

Beware of a sedentary life

Louise Parker, director of London fitness and diet company ‘Louise Parker’, says the dangers of being sedentary for up to 10 hours a day ‘are vast’.  ‘The metabolism comes to a grinding halt as lack of activity fails to engage muscles that are designed to be gently used every day’. Rule Number One: be wary of how often you sit.

Walk or cycle

to work

Walking or cycling to work is an excellent way to kickstart your metabolism first thing in the morning. It’s easy, it’s healthy and totally free! ‘Make sure at least 20 minutes of your commute, both to and from work, involves activity,’ says Parker. ‘A brisk walk or cycle, and already you’ve stacked up 40 minutes of activity time.’ Worth getting out those trainers for.

Buy an activity tracker

Parker advises using an activity tracker for a couple of weeks as an ‘enlightening way’ to show up any prolonged periods of rest. ‘It’ll also give you an overall picture of how much you move,’ she says. If you find you walk less than 8,000 steps weekly, you will need to take urgent action. Between 10-12,000 is a good benchmark.

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