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Tips on how to be girly

tips on how to be girly

1.Short on lip-gloss? Blend a bit of your favorite Pixi Stix flavored powder with Vaseline for shiny lips and a yummy taste all day. Or try melting it: put all the ingrediants in a plastic zip-lok bag. put ba in a heat proof bowl and pour boiling water over it. snip the corner and squeeze into a empty lip los tube.

2. Speed dry nail polish by dipping you tips in a bowl of ice water.

3.Make your lipstick last longer by dusting your lips with loose powder first.

4. Tone down pimple redness by putting a potato slice over it for 10-15 minutes.

5. To cure dry lips massage your kisser with a soft toothbrush.

6. If you've run out of concealer dab skin colored eye shadow on any blemishes.

7.Add a little curl to your lashes bye holding the mascara wand at the tip of your lashes for a few extra seconds.

8. Your powder eye shadow will stay put if you coat your lids with foundation first.

9. Gently run a cotton swab over your eyelashes before your mascara dries to banish clumps.(it really works!)

10.Mix 2 old kinds of eyeshadow together

for a cool new color.

11.Make your own sparkles by mixing loose sparkles with petroleum jelly


Dramatic Eyes

To create daring dramatic eyes follow these instructions:

Brush a dark plum color across your lids extending a little to the outside corner of your eyes.

Use a charcoal shadow near the lash line.

Finnish it off with a sheer lip-gloss and a little shimmer.

Girly Glam

To get the flirty, girlish look:

Sweep ice blue eye shadow over lids and in the inside corner of your eyes. Finish with a flash of mascara.

Put a little blush on the apples of your cheeks. Then use some cream highlighter right above it to create a healthy glow. Use the same highlighter on the tops of your lids under your eyebrows. (Hint you can put highlighter wherever light would hit.)

Cool Gaze

A sexy simple way to dress up:

Apply a reddish shadow to your lids and the inner corners of your eyes. Apply the same color with a small stiff brush on the bottom of your eye, like a liner.

Wear coral colored lip-gloss for an added pop.

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