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Tips on how to be rich

tips on how to be rich

Tips On How To Be Rich In: Skyrim

November 20, 2011 by marcusrice72

I'm a week into my first Elder Scrolls experience and already have some good tips on how to be rich. These tips are my way of getting lots of Septims (Elder Scrolls money/Gold Coins). These tips are your decision to follow and are very useful if you're struggling to keep some coins.

  • Do some bounty work. It's easy, go to your local Inn, talk to the owner on gossip and she'll hand you a note of the current bounty target. It pays 100 coins. You can get extra from selling loot you took from your target's friends.
  • Like the one above, if you find any weapons, armor, books, etc that you don't need or want, sell them.It helps if you get the 1st Speech perk, which makes your selling and buying better.
  • When you go into Ancient Nord Ruins and fight the undead guardians, loot them for their loose change. They can carry anywhere from about 3-20 coins. I know it's a little bit, but imagine all the walking skeletons in there! A common ruin would have about 15-20 Draugr trying to kill you, which can snag you up to 400 coins.
  • Have you found any enchanted items that you don't want? You can break them down to find their enchantments or. sell them. A good enchanted weapon or apparel can get you a few hundred coins to even a few thousand if you have the right kind.
  • If you're in the Dark Brotherhood, you can do contracts and dead drops that can get you a couple hundred coins. Try to kill them at night and when you're alone. You don't want to have to pay for a bounty you may have earned!
  • Hopefully, by now you faced a dragon. You know, those things that go around trying to kill you. Yeah, those. When you kill one, not only do you get a dragon soul but you can also get some bones and scales from it! Bones weigh 15 pounds but can get you 300 coins

    if you have good Speech. Same with the scales but they weigh 15 and are worth 250. A good way to make a quick buck.

  • Alternatively, if you have 100 Smithing and Dragon Smithing Perk, you can create Dragon Bone and Scale Armor. Creating and selling both is a great way to get money. You get thousands of coins from killing dragons. Keep in mind though that carrying the Dragon Supplies will over weigh you if you're not packing lightly.
  • If you use Smithing, you can create random clothes and weaponry to sell at your local dealer. It doesn't require any skill, but you will gain some by using this method. Same with Alchemy. Getting supplies is relatively easy and affordable to you.
  • Have you noticed that some Soul Gems are empty? Wondering how to fill them? It's easy. Go to your local mage, buy Soul Trap, (if they don't have it, travel around until you find it. You're bound to find it somewhere.) cast it on someone, then kill them in under a minute and BOOM! Instantly filled Soul Gems are in your pocket. Keep this in mind, you need to have the right size Gem for your kill. (Ex: Wolf + Empty Petty Soul Gem = Filled Petty Soul Gem) You can save on buying Gems or gain some by selling your filled ones. Either way, you'll be making a profit.
  • If you go to Riften, you'll find the Temple of Mara, (eventually. It took me FOREVER to find it haha)and if you talk to the priest there about marriage, you'll be able to buy the Amulet of Mara. This Amulet will open options on some NPC's, and you can get married if you wear it. Marry a merchant (Ysolda, Carlotta, etc) and you can get 100 free gold every 24 hours and they can be your personal merchant.

Using these tips, you're guaranteed to get money. Thank you for your time and have fun playing Skyrim. I'll be doing my review as soon as I pass it. Sorry it's taking too long but I'm busy doing Side Quests.

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