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Tips on how to be skinny

tips on how to be skinny

These are 110 tricks and tips on how to stay skinny


1. When going out to a party, etc, put on perfectly applied lip gloss, so you’re really aware of not ruining it. You don’t want to eat anything so you don’t ruin it.

2. When your really hungry grab some ice cubes and munch on them. It gives you the feeling that you’re eating, just without the fat, calories and sugar, and it fills you up.

3. In between each mouthful of food take a sip of your drink. It fills you up quicker and slows your eating so you stay in control.

4. Keep weight goals. If you don’t have goals your just stay FAT.

5. Drinking ice cold water and taking cold showers burns up to 40 negative calories because your body needs to keep your body heat up.

6. Buy a pair of trousers that are the size you want to be, and spend good money on them too. Try them on everyday, and the sooner you get to fitting into them and wearing them the more determined you’ve become. Plus if you’ve sent a lot of money on them then it would be a HUGE waste if you never got to wear them.

7. Eat in a solitary place, not in front of the TV or computer. Your more likely not to eat as much if you have to stop what your doing or watching.

8. If you’re badly thinking and wanting to eat, and you’re around other people, listen to them eating. It’s the most disgusting thing you can hear, it’ll stop you from wanting to eat pretty quickly.

9. Go to a club or put on music and dance the night away. You will forget about your hunger and you would have burned a lot of calories in the process.

10. Diet coke should always be in hand. If you get hungry grab it and sit down with a good magazine.

11. Comment on how nice certain fatty foods are and how you ate it not so long ago, even if you wouldn’t actually touch it with a barge pole. This way people will never guess that you’re starving yourself to thinness!

12. Eat standing up or move around. Do anything to burn those extra calories, even if it is just a few.

13. You lose weight faster if you binge once a week and purge it somehow. But I don’t recommend this to people that just can’t throw up whatever they try, you could get stuck with all that foods you just ate. So if your not 100 percent sure that you can purge it back up, then don’t do it!

14. Sleep at least 6 hours a night. Less than 6 hours stimulates appetite by 15%.

15. Carry a picture of your favorite model in you wallet. So when you’re tempted to buy something to eat, you open your wallet to get out your money and you see there perfect body so you don’t want to eat because if you don’t then you could look like them in the end.

16. Focus especially on the first 4 bites of a meal. After that the excitement of eating will begin to slowly subside, so you’re probably be content with a smaller portion.

17. Make plans with your friends at weekends and whenever else you can, so your parents don’t know whether you’ve eaten or not.

18. Before digging into your food, count to 100. By the time you’ve finished counting, you’ve probably convinced yourself that it’s not good for you, so you won’t eat it.

19. Lower the temperature in your house by 10 degrees, to burn more calories.

20. Eat on a black or navy blue plate, you’ll eat less.

21. Always eat teasthingy size amounts of food at one time and chew well.

22. Sit up straight; you’ll burn at least 10% more calories.

23. Never eat anything bigger than your fist; you’ll only stretch your stomach otherwise. Train your tummy to settle for less.

24. Whenever you get bad hunger pains, curl up in a ball. It really helps to get rid of them.

25. Never go to sleep straight after eating, leave at least 3 hours in between to let your body burn the calories it wouldn’t while you’re sleeping.

26. Hit your stomach when it grumbles, it stops it making a sound and your stomach will hurt too much too eat.

27. Celery burns calories, fills you up, and gets your metabolism kicking. So grab a stalk whenever you want a snack.

28. Think of something disgusting or something that makes you feel sick, or a picture that makes you feel sick, and whenever you’re eating either think of that thing, or look at the picture. You’ll soon start to associate food with things that make you feel sick, so will make you less inclined to want to eat.

29. Hide zip lock bags and trash bags in room and make up excuses to eat in your room (e.g. say you’re doing your homework and ask to eat in your room while you’re doing it) Put the food in the bags, and take your empty plate back into the kitchen after about 15 minutes or so. Make sure you throw away the food in the bags before they start to smell though.

30. If starvation gives your nails a bluish tinge, wear nail polish or get acrylics (especially when you go to the doctors).

31. Try not to go to the canteen at school with your friends; they’re likely to mess it up all for you.

32. Buy Smart Water (it has 0 calories and it has electrolytes, which anorexics and bulimics seem to lose a lot of).

33. When your eating a meal, only swallow on the forth bite. Spit out the rest.

34. Don’t drink water while you’re eating, opt for diet sodas instead. Water prolongs the process of digestion.

35. Whenever you feel hungry, do exercises.

36. Chewing sugar-free gum raises metabolism by 5%, and keeps your mouth busy.

37. Watermelon is full of water, so if you eat a lot of it you get filled up really quickly without consuming many calories.

38. If your alone in the house walk around naked or in your underwear and look in every mirror you can, you won’t want to eat after that because of seeing how truly fat and disgusting you are.

39. Wear a rubber band on your wrist, and whenever you’re tempted or go to get something to eat, snap it on your wrist, you won’t be tempted for long.

40. Give yourself permission to eat before you do. Stop and think if you’re aloud to eat it and if you really want to or not.

41. Try and eat at least one meal a day, even if it is very small. This will help stop binge cravings.

42. If you feel yourself starting to lose control while you’re eating, stop. Put your food down, take a long drink and take a deep breath. You can carry on eating after that, this just helps interrupt a slide into binge eating by pausing for a bit.

43. If a chance pops up to have a cigarette, take it. It helps curb your appetite.

44. Never eat after 7pm, because your body metabolizes slower at that time.

45. Make a ‘Thinspirational’ book filled with dieting tips, pictures of your favorite super models, safe foods, fatty pictures of you, reasons why you need to and should lose weight, etc. Whenever you want to give in and eat, just look in there to stop yourself. You can also keep a note of your weight in their, what you’ve eaten and are going to eat, exercise routines, your goals, etc.

46. Eat as slowly as you can. Chew your food for a long time. Cut your food into really tiny pieces before you eat it. Develop a time consuming ritual, this can help you consume less.

47. Whenever you get hungry, just look at yourself to remind yourself how fat you are.

48. Fidget. It has been clinically proven that all those annoyingly skinny people who eat everything and anything they want and never gain weight, have a secret weapon….fidgeting! They burn 500-800 extra calories a day. Things to try:

A. Suck in your tummy and clench your butt.

B. Bounce your legs.

C. Sway from side to side.

D. Shift your position while you’re sitting.

E. Swing your feet/legs.

F. Squirm/move.

G. Tap your fingers – non stop.

49. Put your folk down for about 20 seconds in between bites at meal time.

50. Pick one food for the day, like an apple. Cut it into 8 pieces. Eat 2 pieces for breakfast, 2 at lunch, 2 at dinner, and then your have 2 pieces left for a snack. This way your body thinks it’s eaten 4 times that day, but really you’ve only eaten 1 apple. The next day pick a different food and do the same with it as you did the day before.

51. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. You could set an alarm to go off every hour to remind you to drink a glass.

52. Get your tongue pierced, therefore you won’t be able to eat while it’s healing.

53. Play with your food. Okay, it might sound stupid, but it works. It really slows down your eating so after a while you won’t want to eat much of it.

54. If you’re around people or you’re being watched, try the opaque cup trick. Pretend you’re eating, put the food in your mouth, but then spit the food into the cup while you pretend to drink from it. Just don’t forget to get rid of what’s in the cup. This can be a bit risky, so make sure no one can see what’s in the cup and no one gets hold of the cup.

55. Try to sleep late at the weekends that way you can miss breakfast and lunch.

56. Write down everything you eat in a day, and then read it at the end of the day – it’ll make you feel sick just looking at how much you’ve eaten.

57. Feel your hunger. If you’re hungry it means your losing weight. You want to be hungry. If your not, you’re not doing it right. In time you will get a wonderful high off of being hungry, and thoroughly enjoy the sensation. Hunger is not your enemy, food is. The sooner that is realized, the sooner you will reach your goals.

58. Eat in front of a

mirror, its disgusting.

59. Put a jump rope by your bed, somewhere your see it every morning when you wake up. Grab the jump robe and do just 5-10 minutes, then get a bottle of water and start your day.

60. The anorexic basics: Eat less than 700 calories per day, and exercise at least 2 hours everyday. No matter what – rain or shine, time of the month or not, whether you’ve just broken up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, stressed, loads of work….it doesn’t matter, Ana comes first.

61. There is 2 pounds of dead skin on you right now, yup it’s disgusting. If your underweight or in starvation mode, your body doesn’t ‘shed’ its skin the way it should. It holds on to it. Use an exfoliation for your face and a loft brush or scrub your body. You will feel much better, and lose a pound or two.

62. You could take a break from exercising all week and relax on the weekends, to let your heart and muscles calm down.

63. If you’re cold, exercise.

64. If you really want a certain food, let’s say crackers – crush one in your hands, over a bin or toilet, and then smell your hands to get rid of the craving. This can also work if you use empty packets, like chocolate bar wrappers, etc.

65. Take multi-vitamins while your dieting. They keep your hair, skin and teeth all pretty and healthy, and it also keeps you from passing out from hunger pangs.

66. Go to the kitchen quite often, to pretend your snacking. Take a bite out of something (you can spit it out if you want). Take a long time, look in the fridge, leave dirty dishes in the sink, take things into your room (then flush them down the toilet or throw them out), pour milk down the drain, break a cracker in your hand and leave crumbs all over the surface….etc. They will think that you’re always in the kitchen and always eating, so won’t suspect anything. If you hardly go in the kitchen your family will start to notice.

67. Coffee is really good. It works as an appetite suppressant, an energy stimulant, and a diuretic. Don’t drink too much of it though, or drink allot of water along with it to avoid dehydration.

68. Persuade yourself that you don’t like food. Whenever you think of a food you like, and where you used to think ‘yum’ when you were thinking about it now think ‘yuck’.

69. Have an Ana ring or something that when you wear it you can’t cheat. If your about to eat something bad, just look at it and you know you can’t eat it. The item can be anything – a favorite piece of clothing, jewelry, jewelry you made especially for this, a pin someone gave you, anything.

70. Try to make smart food choices – foods with vitamins and calcium.

71. Spend a little time everyday, even if it’s just 5-10 minutes, on pro-Ana sites for motivation.

72. If your just bout to binge, weigh yourself. It’ll remind you that you still have weight to lose and you shouldn’t eat. And if you do end up eating, weigh yourself afterwards to see how much weight that evil food has put on you, and make sure you lose that weight.

73. If you feel hungry, try this: you can buy bagels that are 98% fat free. Get one, spit in half of it, and chew on one piece. They will fill you up as they appear stodgy. Once you’ve eaten a mouthful, throw out the rest. They’re dry so I encourage you to drink lots of water with it, which fills you up.

74. Watch your fat intake. Fat has, per gram, more calories than any other source of energy and it is stored more easily. Try to keep your fat intake under 10 grams of fat per day.

75. Always keep a bin near you when you’re eating, so if you feel that you’re going to over eat, you can just make a reflex reaction to throw the food away into the bin.

76. Plan your meals in advance. Prepare your food for the next, it gives you something to do and can give you something to look forward to.

77. When you want to drink something that you can’t, fill a glass to the rim full of water, sit in a quiet place, and pretend it’s the drink that you want. Close yours eyes and chug it down really fast before you realize it’s not really that drink. This can also work with certain foods, just use ice cubes.

78. When you’re working out on a treadmill or stationary bike, etc. Just put a movie on or grab a magazine and after a while your probably get so into it, that you’ll forget your still exercising.

79. Remember that it’s okay to be obsessed at times by food, well the lack of. Enjoy it actually.

80. To try and avoid having to have breakfast, tell your family that you always feel sick after eating so early in the morning.

81. Use the scale, but also measure different parts of your body each month to see how much your losing.

82. Get in touch with your inner child. Have you ever noticed that most little kids are skinny? They’re always running around. Follow their example: Jump on a trampoline, climb on the monkey bars, go skateboarding, etc….anything that’s fun and active. You will be amazed how many more calories you can burn when you’re being hyper and fooling around.

83. Get out only the amount of food you’re planning on eating, and always put the rest back straight away. Also don’t nibble while you’re preparing food, the calories add up quickly.

84. If your about to take a blood test, drink lots of water to flush out the ketenes you’ve built up in your system from starving and eat healthy stuff; like yogurt, fruit, and cereal the day before and a few hours before the test, even though your meant to be fasting.

85. Try to avoid saturated fats as much as possible.

86. Stop dieting once in a while to make sure your metabolism evens itself out.

87. People who follow a diet that’s both low in fat and high in fiber lose three times more weight than those on a diet that’s just low in fat.

88. When you go out for a meal, order the soup for a starter. When it comes to the main course, you have an excuse why you can’t eat it; just say that you’re too full up from the soup.

89. If you’re still in school, ask your parents for lunch money. You can save up this money and buy something later on in the week that you want, books, CD’s, clothes, etc, etc.

90. Look at every piece of food really carefully, and if there’s anything wrong with it or imperfect about it don’t eat it. Only eat the perfect looking bits of food, because imperfect foods look disgusting don’t they. This can work with almost any food.

91. Try and stay up a few hours here and there….you burn more calories when you’re awake, even if you’re just watching TV. Also then you’ll wake up late and miss meals.

92. Along with taking multi-vitamins, take a calcium supplement everyday too. Try and get the chewable for the flavor.

93. Make a short-term goal (because a long-term goal isn’t good enough and wont work as well) and until you reach that goal take away something you love; movies, TV, sex, music, smoking. And you can do any of it until you’ve reached the goal.

94. To avoid pigging out at restaurants, eat half of what’s on your plate (try and pick the healthiest thing on the menu), then ‘accidentally’ pour salt over the rest.

95. Stretch every chance you get. This will make your muscles long and lean instead of short and bulky. It also relaxes you, makes you more flexible (which is very sexy), and less susceptible to injury.

96. Try not to eat until you absolutely have to. If you eat all your allowed daily calories, you aren’t leaving any room for possible slip ups later on.

97. Pay attention to the time around when you get cravings or when you tend to binge. Also pay attention to activities that really seem to distract you from eating, and do them at those times. Keep yourself locked in your room if you have to.

98. Before eating drink a large glass of water, and wait a few minutes. You won’t eat as much because the water will fill you up.

99. Low self-esteem motivates you: wear baggy clothes to make you feel fatter than you actually are and hate every reflection you see.

100. Spin around in circles like you used to when you were a kid. That way you’re too dizzy to eat.

101. Remember that out of sight is out of mind. If there are any goodies lying around on surfaces or tables, put them away or hide them. That way whenever you walk through the kitchen you won’t be tempted.

102. Always leave at least one bite on your plate. It’s supposedly the polite thing to do and its just one of those things you can do to build up your overall control.

103. Supermarkets design their displays to entice you to buy stuff you don’t need. Get your counterattack ready. End-of-aisle displays often hold cheap junk food, so just walk on by. Buy stuff that’s not on eye level, because the food at eye level is usually the least healthy, most expensive foods.

104. Don’t swallow….models and other successful bodies are also known for taking a forbidden bite, chewing, and then spitting it out.

105. The average male’s ejaculate contains 15 calories. (Just thought you might want to know that, it’s always helpful. Heehee.)

106. Get comfy, curled up on your sofa, in your bed. Being comfy means that you won’t want to move, which means no getting up for food.

107. Always round up when estimating or counting calories.

108. If you get a really bad craving – turn on the TV. It’s most likely that there’ll be some sort of programmed on which has lots of gorgeous, skinny actresses/models on it. It’s a definite way to curb an appetite.

109. If your friends start asking things, claim to be a vegetarian.

110. Eat continental style. Hold your folk upside down in your non-dominant hand, or use chop-sticks to eat with. This will pace you and you might even get so frustrated that you give up on trying eating the food.

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