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Tips on how to become a good singer

Learn How To Sing Professionally

Do you have what it takes to become a good singer?

Have you always wanted to sing on a public stage, but were afraid to do so because you have been told that your singing voice is not good enough? Have you ever imagined yourself as an up and coming superstar performing in sold out live concerts in front of thousands of adoring fans idolizing you?

Maybe you are a professional singer looking to learn and improve your vocal skills to take your singing career to new heights? Perhaps you are already singing in a choir or in groups and want to improve your vocalization? Or are you having vocal problems hitting your high notes, falsettos and vibratos?

On this page and website, you will find tips, information and singing lessons that will answer all your questions on how to sing better and bring out the singing talent in you. Be prepared to be a star!

Do you know that all the greatest and the best singers in the world take the best singing lessons to bring them to another level of excellent singing? You see, no matter how talented a singer you may be, with the right vocal training, you will definitely raise your standards much higher.

Well, here on this website are some great learn how to sing articles, singing lessons, Q&A on vocal techniques by Brett Manning, one of the world's most accomplished vocal singing coach and other accomplished singing teachers. This is your chance of becoming the good singer that you always wanted to be!

Free Vocal Tips

    How to develop a good singing voice and make it big as a great singer

"Want to make it big in singing and be a successful singer? Then develop your own distinctive singing style" said internationally renowned vocal coach, Brett Manning - Carry on reading to find out what Brett's got to say about how to be a successful singer.

"A couple of years ago, I sealed a distribution contract with Media Products in Barcelona, Spain, for the translating and marketing of the Singing Success Program, and am very grateful to my good friend Paul Zamek. Paul is responsible for the overseas licensing of many major American recording artists such as Kenny Rogers who has sold over 100 million albums globally!

I hapened to meet Paul during a flight to Club Med and he was impressed with my approach to teaching the human singing voice. Paul then asked me how I would advise an amateur singer hoping to become superstar.

So here are some tips on how to be a good singer and get noticed as a singing talent! Here we go.

    Firstly, train your voice like you would train your physical body. Do comprehend that you have singing muscles that must be developed in the same way athletes train their muscles. Good singing can be rather easy with tiny muscles involved in coordinating the voice and subtle vocal exercises are required to develop the muscle coordination.

I have taught thousands of girls to sing notes as high as Mariah Carey could and have safely developed a convincing commercial sound with even the most rigidly trained classical or opera singers and vocalists. Many of my male and female students from all over the world went on to become sensational singing stars in their own rights!

Just remember that correct singing techniques must have been mastered and necessary before moving towards a recording contract because you will need consistency and longevity if you really want to make it big as a commercial or a pop singer. Actually, any type of singer for that matter.

    Secondly, develop your "style ear" and your vocal co-ordinations to sing the rapid licks, trills, and runs consistent with today's pop-singing styles. You must also develop your unique version of a commercial sound that is yourself and not a copycat of some other singers. It is you that your audience is listening to, not somebody else.

A straight purist voice (one dominated by a heady/classical sound) has little chance of competing with Mariah, Jewel, Whitney Houston or Celine Dion. The answer is obvious, isn't it?

Even if you can sing as well as these superstars, you will still have to compete with them and that is a hell of a competition even for a new, but good aspiring singer, don't you think so?

    Thirdly, do develop your own singing style and performance after you've learnt everybody else's tricks. You have to get as close as possible to your natural talking voice and make your singing more like a speech on a musical pitch. Hey, you are telling an emotional story musically, aren't you? If you change your tone quality so that you are talking in one voice and singing in another, you've lost the very qualities that make your voice distinctive and unique.


this is the case with many otherwise very promising singers who imitate the style of other more accomplished stars and idols! On top of that, you will also have a harder time maintaining your vocal health because that is not your natural voice.

When I first explained this singing concept and philosophy to Paul, he freaked out and then drew a big smiley face on a piece of paper and said, "Your singing voice is as unique as your own face." Hahahaa. so is yours!

So just be you, your natural self as each and everyone of us have a distinct personality and thus, a distinct singing voice and style. The rest such as stage performance, showmanship and audience connection can be developed later.

Now tell me, how many times have you answered a telephone call and when you heard, "hello" you'd know exactly who is on the other line without listening to another vocal utterance? We are sometimes still amazed at this, because most of us don't have voices as recognizable as Frank Sinatra, Rod Stewart, Willie Nelson, Joe Cocker, Michael Buble, Elvis Presley, Babara Streisand or even Freddie Mercury.

You don't need a "character" voice like these superstar singers to be unique. God has already taken care of that when He created a distinctively unique indentification in your voice. The multiple frequencies produced by your unique voice is your ticket into the glamorous and commercially rewarding recording industry.

Making the most of this unique voice that is distinctive to you is what I've spent almost 2 decades of my life teaching people to do. Click here to develop your distinctive singing voice singing lesson.

How To Get A Singing Recording Contract

"What do I have to do to get a singing recording deal?" is perhaps the most common question I get. Here's the answer you will usually hear: "Get a head shot picture, a biography, and a demonstration kit." Yes, those things have helped many aspiring singers to get started in the recording industry. Some budding singers even added a video or showcase because singers are also performers and it is not your voice alone that the audience adores you, but also your stage persona!

However, other than just preparing self-promotions and hurling yourself into the very competitive music industry, what else can you do to dramatically increase your chances of landing a singing recording contract to have a taste of superstardom? Well, the answer to that question is having a good voice and vocal training with not just any self professed singing teacher but with the best singing teacher or vocal coach who have excellent credentials.

Here are three other important goals to strive and reach for to be a great singer :-

    First and foremost, strive to increase your vocal range significantly. The greater your vocal range, the more exciting and confident your singing will be. Find a singing coach who can teach you how to mix your chest voice (speaking voice) with your head voice (your softer, lighter, classical-sounding voice). This "mixed voice" is much thicker than pure head voice, but has more frequencies than a barrel chest voice. The "mixed voice" has the best of both worlds, which is why so many top Grammy award winners sing in this mixed voice vocal register.

You must learn this vocal voice "mix" if you want a commercial sound, effortless singing, and a healthy voice. The Singing Lesson Success Program can help you with this vocal mix.

Secondly, find as many singing influences as possible. Do you have enough of singing influences to keep you from sounding exactly like your favorite artist? We don't need another Babara Streisand imitation or similarities to great singers can only portray you as a wannabe and not a singing star. You will come across as an impersonation singer or worse, a fake.

I have coached dozens of young women who can now sing almost exactly like Celine Dion. But then again, who wants a counterfeit when the real Celine Dione is already available? However, if you have enough vocal influences, you will surely find a little bit of yourself in each one of these singing or vocal influences.

Thirdly, you must make a decision to find your own unique voice and spend the rest of your life devoted to developing the singing voice that is uniquely yours. You are unique and you have dreams.

Do not give up your dreams and you will have your singing career taking off to great heights someday. That day when you become a superstar may not be that far away. The world advances not through those who give up on their dreams, but through those who stand by their labor and talent" - Brett Manning, Vocal Coach

    Free Mini Singing Lessons

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