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How To Become A Photographer? – 5 Tips To Note

how to become a professional photographer

Updated on October 16, 2014 By Samuel Comments Off on How To Become A Photographer? – 5 Tips To Note

“Photography” is one of the best and most competitive careers around the world right now. So, entering into it is not that easy as it sounds but this doesn’t mean you cannot. If you are passionate, extremely interested in this art and stand out from others, then this job can fetch you lucrative rewards. So, today I am going to teach you how to become a photographer with some important tips. Read on.

How To Become A Professional Photographer?

Since photography is a very competitive field, it is important to be prepared and skilled. Whether you are going to work under someone or planning to start your own photography business, you require being best in your work. And here are few tips to help you get started.

1. Read Photography Based Books & Websites

The one all-time quality for becoming a photographer is none other than “self-learning”. Believe it or not, this quality can lead you to the right path. And if you have just set out, start by learning photography books or refer few sites. This will not only make you  acquainted with the basics but also gives you great insights. Reading photography based books make sense. They teach how to perform right.

2. Maintain Notes

Notes are very important – especially if you have just started out. I personally suggest you having an organized notebook. This will help you all the way. Whenever you get to know something useful and vital, jot it down. I have seen many photographers doing it still. This habit will make you aware of various things

and even if you tend to forget it at some point, you have this handy notebook to help you.

3. Keep Clicking

Just because you want to become a photographer now, doesn’t mean, you have to own an expensive camera. No. Start with your usual camera. Even your phone will do. It is more important to practice. Keep clicking in various angles. Break the rule of thumbs and experiment with different things. “Creativity” is something people want for their pictures and as a photographer, you got to have this quality. So, learn different tricks to come up with great pictures. Don’t follow what the world does. Start being unique! Put out your best whenever you shoot. Action wins…

4. Shoot In Various Locations & Conditions

Yet another significant tip to note is this – Don’t be confined to one place. Step out and click pictures of diverse things. This exposure is must, particularly if you want to make a fruitful career. Therefore, remember — not only you should be practicing photography frequently but also be shooting in various conditions to familiarize things. Good, flat light and easy is not going to make you exceptional. Who knows what kind of projects you get in future. So, be prepared for everything. Say for instance, you can practice shooting for a week with backlit & then go shooting with low lights the second week. And don’t forget to write down what you have learnt.

Are there particular techniques you would love to learn?  Maybe there is a snapshot you might have come across recently and you would want to try to get a similar effect. These are your little goals. Make a note of them & keep a track.

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