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How to Become Famous

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So you want to know, how to become famous? Then you have landed on the right page today. Here are some practical tips on attaining fame.

No one can teach you to become famous or to become anybody. All you can ever be is yourself. All that I say will, may be, help in nudging out that thirst for excellence that lies dormant inside every person. The key to becoming famous is pursuing excellence in any field of endeavor that you work in. If the desire to excel is there in you, fame and fortune will follow. It may require years of hard work and patience, but if you excel in your area of interest, its only a matter of time before you are crowned with fame.

The desire to be famous and recognized is the ambition of almost all. Every one of us treasures his or her moments and seconds of fame, our moments of glory! In those moments, a lowly, unknown creature, a mere statistic, a face lost in a crowd that is you, becomes known to the wide world! You as an individual are recognized for something that sets you apart from the rest!

Every person is unique and special. Everyone of us has something which is new to the world. Some talent or some skill which is something we are naturally good at! That talent, worked on with persistent efforts, is your claim to fame. So, I would say the question to be asked is not 'How to become famous?'. It is 'How to excel?' or 'How to be myself?'.

I must warn you before we go ahead. Remember, fame is a fickle thing. It is a momentary feeling of pleasure and it is very addictive. It is based on external motivation. So once you get used to it, you will want more. People resort to go to any means to first become famous, and then, to stay famous! Some lose themselves in megalomania, some just self destruct as they can't stand getting ignored after being in the spotlight for so long. So my point is focus on excellence and not on fame. Excellence will stay and shine forever through your body of work, while fame is relative. It is better not getting used to or addicted to it. Here, in this article I will give you some tips on becoming famous, the right way and on your own terms, doing what you do best! You could call them tips to excel.

Tips to Become Famous

There is no specific formula to fame, fortune and success. However, there are certain time tested principles, which, if followed will put you on the paths of glory and fame.

Be Yourself

This is the only sure shot formula to be a success and to be famous. The world doesn't want an Al Pacino clone, a second rate Michelangelo or a second Marilyn Monroe, but it will love you, the real you, in all its glory, trust me. Don't compare yourself with anybody. Develop and mold your own style. To sum up, just be yourself!

Dare to Risk

Opportunities knock very softly and if you are not attentive to grab them immediately, you may never get them again! Dare to take risks, if you want to become famous and successful.

Don't Care What other People Think!

All the famous people or successful people had one thing in common. They listened to their inner voice and believed in themselves. As Ralph Waldo Emerson has said in his famous essay Self Reliance, "I shun father and mother and wife and brother, when my genius calls me. I would write on the lintels of the door-post, whim ". When the genius within you calls, trust him with all your heart, do not listen to anybody who tells you, that you are no good. Don't fall prey to conformism and sacrifice your talent for security!

Enjoy the Process and be Persistent!

Once you start following your heart, initial days will be difficult. Nobody will immediately recognize you. Having talent is one thing, but transforming that talent into real work takes time and patience. No matter what happens, enjoy the process and work hard! The results will eventually come! If you enjoy the process and keep your eyes on the ball (to use soccer language), you will reach your goal. You will be recognized for what you are and get your share of fame!

Be the Best!

Excellence is the key to everlasting fame and glory! Make yourself indispensable. Do whatever you do, with so much dedication and love, that you lose yourself in it. Eventually, you will be the best at anything you take up! Remember what Martin Luther King Jr. said "If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, here lived a great street sweeper, who did his job well. " That is the secret of becoming famous, excellence!

This is my idea of how one could achieve fame. You may disagree with me and you may be right. After all, it's all about following your own thought. I sign off here, wishing you all the best on your journey to fame and glory!

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