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Tips on how to become skinny

tips on how to become skinny

How To be as Skinny as a Model

So you are looking for ways on how to become skinny like a model. Good thing you’ve found this site. Almost every woman wants that runway-worthy body. It takes more than just diet, regimen and pills to achieve a beautiful thin like Adriana Lima.

Here’s the thing though. That heroin-chic look, that starved bod is not as pleasant all the time. Being model-like thin doesn’t suit to everyone’s overall physique. That means, that for other girls or women, being super skinny might be a downfall and makes you the center of puns. The following insults are common;

• You’re anoretic, aren’t you?

• Are you a toothpick?

• Do you still have foods at home?

• You’re way too healthy (ironic).

• Look like you could use some help

• Women have curves

• Be careful on windy days, you’ll get blown away

A beautiful bod shouldn’t be something that will compromise your overall health. Models are as thin as that is not because they have deprived them selves from foods but actually they have the right kind of foods and extreme self-discipline.

Matter of fact, a recent report by Time cited that in France, legislatures began voting for a bill that declares, “The activity of a model is banned for any person whose Body Mass Index (BMI) is lower than levels proposed by health authorities and decreed by the ministers of health and labor.”

If a fashion agency is discovered to have using models with Body Mass Index below 18, that agency can be sued along with a fine of $82 000. On 2006, in Madrid, Spain, super skinny models were banned from catwalk, accused of having to influence young girls to copy their rail-thin looks, desperately doing everything they could just to be model-like. Regional office, Concha Guera said “Fashion is a mirror and many teenagers imitate what they see on the catwalk”.

Then Liz Jones (editor at Marie Claire) struck some truthful words, ““Unless they promote women as toothpicks, they will lose their chauffeur-driven jobs and front-row seats at fashion show. [Designers] want you to believe that you are not beautiful enough or young enough or thin enough, and they do that by draping cadaverous 16-year-olds across double-page spreads so you will feel so wretched that you will have to buy their products to make yourself feel better.” While J.K Rowling, author of the bestselling Harry Potter books, defined fashion models as empty-headed, self-obsessed, emaciated clones.

Should you really become as slim as a model?

The answer depends. It depends on the approach you use and how thin is your goal. If your aim is to have that runway-like thin bod, then eat-deprivation is not the answer. Ask any health expert out there and they would point you to a single bottom line – your health. So long as you are healthy, whatever body measurement goal is, there’s something to do about it.

Now you’ve come to this site because you want to know how to become slim. Honestly, this site is created not for those who wanted to be slim but for women who want to achieve the best size for their bodies – in the most healthy and effective ways plus the methods proposed are to last.

Click here to see what has worked from me and countless people the get the body of their dreams.

Three Safe and Effective Ways on How to Become thin, Naturally

I am among those people who is not much of a diet pill fan. Matter of fact, I hate synthetic products. Yet, I also loath ridiculous diets (lettuce, anyone?) that makes me feel like a worm who eats nothing but plain green.

So how to become skinny naturally without all the hassles and sacrifices. First my friend, don’t skip breakfast for the sake of saving some calories as you are likely to end up overeating during the rest of the day. Realize that in the morning, our body has had zero food while we were asleep so it needs energy to get started for the day.

Here are three other ways on how to get slim, safely and naturally.

  • Water my friend, is your friend too. Funny thing about most of us is that we reach for foods and sweets when we are actually thirsty. That cup of yogurt drink that you thought is good thirst quencher, even if it is the nonfat sort, has about 60 calories per hundred grams. Those sweetened drinks are no good either as they contain high amount of sugar. So why don’t you choose for water instead to keep you hydrated and flush out those toxins from your body?
  • It’s all about balance. Surprisingly, do you know that balance works without obsessive measuring or counting? Don’t overeat. Balance fruits and vegetables with starches and proteins (and don’t forget some healthy fats !)
  • Don’t use food to cure your blues. Bored? Depressed? Stressed? Tired? Angry? I’d be not surprise if you turn to foods for relief. I was once that kind of person too. I thought food could change it all but then I realized that I need the healthier kind of diversion. So instead I call friends when I’m bored, I run or walk in the park when I feel furious and I meditate when I’m stressed. I sleep when I’m tired!

Extra tip: know my secret. My secret is a program called the Venus Factor and it is the very reason why I created this website. Go to the next page and know about the pros and cons of this program.

Welcome to How to Become Skinny

My website’s title says it all – I am here to give tips on how to become slim and review a weight loss program that is currently an extra big trend in the market. My name is Rita White. I am a mother of a cool kid who is now in his fifth grade and I’m a code wizard, not the Hogwarts kind but a programmer by heart.

Working on the Web almost everyday for the past five years made me love to review products that are sold on online.

I did countless reviews in the past under a pseudonym that I’d shouldn’t disclose to you folks for some of those reviews I wrote were actually negative as I didn’t rate them highly at all. I am the sort of person who doesn’t sugarcoat and play nice when it comes to reviewing products – I talk about the product with honest words, flipping the insides of both its pros and cons.

As for How To Become Skinny  it is actually my first time reviewing a program from the weight loss niche. I dedicate this website to every woman out there who wants to know how to become skinny.

So here I go, putting this website together to help everyone reach that goal that I once had.

I was among the people who wished my body was as beautifully thin as Keira Knightley. Thankfully, after using this program which I am to review, I achieved that goal. But mind you, people, there are also a few consequences; hence, I am going to do this review so you will know what you are about to sign up for.

Let me give you a little background about myself. I work in front of the computer more than 10 hours a day. Normally, my days are involved of checking e-mails in the morning, talking to clients, reading news and chit-chatting with fellow programmers. At about 10 A.M that is when real work starts. If you are not passionate of codes, my normal days to you, would be a hell of boredom.

Foods fuel my productivity and keep me occupied. So you can probably imagine, five years later in my career, I was this 200 pounds woman in thick eyeglasses. After hearing from news and friends about the dangers associated to being overweight, I thought it was about time to do something.

Then I found this program called the Venus Factor – the product that I will be reviewing. To me, it changed not just my body but it was a also greatly helped my health. But then again, you and I, are not the same. This may work for me and may not for you. Click here read my review.

Who Am I and Why This Site?

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