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Tips on how to become slim

tips on how to become slim


Best Answer: A friend of mine gave me a diet plan yesterday that she has succesfully used. She says (depending on my body) I could lose 20 pounds the first month! Even 10 would be awesome but 20! That would be amazing. So I am trying it! Its hard, but it worked for her!

you eat every 2 hours! and drink a glass of water every 30 minutes. or 1 gallon per day.

breakfast - plain oatmeal - just 1/2 cup plain oatmeal cooked in water and 3 egg whites - nothing added no salt no sugar - nothing! its gross but you just have to swallow it

2 hours later a snack like yogurt (low in everything) or a granola bar (low sugar) or an apple or banana

lunch - a piece of meat - plain nothing added! you can cook it with onions and add garlic powder (not salt!) or lemon if you want with some green beans or brocolli - again PLAIN. you can add a plain sweet potatoe if your hungry

2 hours later a snack - like above

2 hours later another snack

dinner another piece of plain meat with brocolli or green beans

and keep eating evert 2

hours - no matter how late it gets! until your going to bed.

and RIGHT BEFORE BED you have some low fat cottage cheese - to keep your metabolism going and burning calories throughout the night.

and do cardio. whenever possible

also another snack can be a protein shake with no carbs! 1 scoop made with water

NO SODAS, JUICE, RICE, BREAD, PASTA, DESSERT only what I mentioned above. with maybe very few HEALTHY, LOW SUGAR, LOW FAT changes.

and drink only water! a lot of water! u should be drinking a gallon per day.

SHE IS PROOF THAT THIS WORKS! She is over 40 and lost a lot of weight this way. she is even getting a six pack. (she is working out as well) she got the diet from a personal friend who is a body builder and in amazing shape. people pay to get this diet!

If your going to try it you need to commit 100% no cheating! she started and never looked back! she hasnt had a cookie in like a year. you need to be commited.

if anything start slow - making healthier choices all the time, but the fastest way to drop the weight will be with that plan.

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