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Tips On How to Buy A Car:

car shopping with a salesman

It is our goal here at SunWest Federal Credit Union to make your new or used car shopping easier than ever. That’s why we have created a two-part series on car buying to help you make the best decision possible. You can find the first blog to this series here: .

Once you have followed our Car Research 101 guide, you’ll definitely want to follow the essential steps below regarding tips on how to buy a car at a dealership next.

** Note: Be sure NOT to mention your trade in vehicle until the very end of car shopping at the dealership due to change or upgrade in price. This is very important because you do not want your salesperson to add on two grand to your car’s cost when later you can save two grand through trading your old vehicle in.

First thing’s first… make sure you find that list of vehicles you chose that best suit your loan, budget, pros vs. cons, insurance rates, and reviews. Then go to the dealership(s) and make sure they have the cars you want in stock.

Next, begin test driving your chosen vehicles.


test driving these vehicles, keep in mind how many miles per gallon the car gets, how smooth the car drives, the bells and whistles it already has or doesn’t have, and most importantly, learn about  each vehicle’s safety features.

Break Everything Down:

After you complete the test driving process, sit down and decide on your top two vehicles you want to purchase. Then, go through each vehicle separately and sort through each and every detail regarding prices and offerings. These lists should include, items such as: the monthly payment, interest rate, maintenance, trade-in value, warranties, alarms, rebates and anything else the dealer mentions.

Don’t Fall For Urgency:

Lastly, a salesperson will always try to make you think the offer and vehicle price is only good at that time or day. Usually unless there is a special promotion going on that ends that day for the dealership, chances are the same price and car will be available for purchase the next couple days at the same price. So take your time to process this huge purchase in order to guarantee you’re getting exactly what you can afford and want long-term. Finally purchase your next vehicle!

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