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How To Clean Your Bedroom

tips on how to clean your room

Tracy gives you tips and tricks on how to clean your bedroom. She gives you the best order of which things should be cleaned to make sure that you get all of the dust out of the room and so the room can be as fresh as possible.

In this video, I am going to show you how to clean your bedroom. First step is always open the windows. It will let all the dust out and fresh air in.

I would then also pick up your mats off the floor and shake them out the window. Give them a good old shake as well. Then I would use your feather duster to dust all your ceilings and all your edges and your lamp shade as well; so all of the dust goes onto the floor.

You can also vacuum clean your ceilings and your edges. Then, I would wash your windows, give them a good clean and your window sills. After you have done that, I would then start cleaning your mirrors, tops of your mirror,

and your services.

I would then open up all of your drawers and give them a little bit of a spring clean. I would then pull all of your furniture out and then vacuum all the way around the edges and behind and on your bed and that. Then, I would, using the cloth, polish your bed posts like that, all nice and clean, your switches, and things like that.

Then, you can use a lint roller to do your lamp shades. Do the same again to clean your soft toys like that. Then, I would make your bed to make sure all the dust has come down and all the fairies and things come off your bed.

If you want to be really good at bed making, watch my other video. Then, I would then vacuum all the floors and once you have done that, if you have got wooden floors, then I would wash your floors, it's the last thing you should do. And that is the best way of how to clean your bedroom.

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