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How to Close a Sale

tips on how to close a sale

By Wendy Connick. Sales Expert

Wendy Connick has almost fifteen years of sales and customer service experience. Read more

The most important step in the sales process is also one of the most neglected. I'm talking about the close, of course. Every salesperson should attempt to close every sale with no exceptions. If a prospect seems unreceptive you can use a softer close, while an eager prospect is a good candidate for a harder close.

Few people will buy a product if the salesperson recommends he think about it first. After all, the prospect reasons, if even the guy selling the product doesn't think I should buy it right now, I should definitely wait.

So how do you close a sale? There are at

least as many closing techniques as there are salespeople. It's a good idea to practice several different closes so that you can match the close to the prospect.

These are fairly simple to implement and will work on a wide range of prospects.

If you presented the product well and responded to the prospect's objections, the close follows naturally.

Once you've mastered the basic art of closing a sale, it's time to review some intermediate-level strategies. These closes aren't necessarily more difficult than the basic closing strategies, but they tend to be more complex.

These closes are a bit trickier to apply than the basic or intermediate closes. They require more setup time or a willingness to push the prospect a little harder.

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