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Tips on how to conceive faster naturally

How to conceive faster naturally is probably what most couples would be excited to learn about when they decided to have a baby. Of course, some couples may choose to postpone having a child until they become more stable in their career and financial condition, while some would love to immediately build a family of three or more. Unfortunately, conception doesn’t always happen right away once you decide to conceive.

Before you go wondering if you or your partner have infertility problem, you might discover that a few simple steps are all you need to make the difference.

If you want to know how to get pregnant faster naturally, the first thing that you need to consider is your health. Below are some health-related tips to help you conceive faster.

If you smoke, stop. Smoking increases the mucus around the cervix which will make conception a lot harder. Smoking is also not good for the baby once you do conceive. Maybe the thought of a healthier child will be the motivation that you need to stop.

Exercise is important. You’ll want a healthy body weight if you want to get pregnant faster. That doesn’t mean you need to be slim and thin. You’ll have to first find out what your body mass index is. Body mass index (BMI) is your body weight divided by the square of your height. The optimum BMI for conception is 19-24.

You’ll also want to make sure you eat a healthy diet. Your body needs all the nutrients for your reproductive system to function normally and to help yourself get ready for a pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins

are a good idea, as is adding folic acid to your diet.

Another thing you’ll need to consider on how to get pregnant faster is about your menstrual cycle.

If your cycle is a normal 28-day cycle, chances are that ovulation occurs around the 14th day. Having sex during your fertile period – on the 12th day, the 14th day, and the 16th day – will increase your chances of conception. If your cycle is not regular, then you may want to get an ovulation kit, which will help you determine when ovulation occurs. There are many brands of ovulation kits available on the market, and they’re all very easy to use.

When you think about how to get pregnant faster, you definitely cannot forget about your partner, who obviously plays an important role to get you conceived. His diet is important as well. A diet that is rich in zinc will increase sperm count. Shellfish and eggs are good sources of zinc.

One very important thing you will need from your partner is his patience and understanding. Increasing the frequency of sex will not increase the chances of getting conceived. You won’t want to have sex every day during your fertile period. A man’s body takes time to build sperm and raise back the count, so taking a day off will help increase your chances.

If you try the above suggestions and haven’t become pregnant within six months (if you’re age 35 and above) or the most up to a year, you might want to speak to your doctor and find out if there is a hidden infertility problem.

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