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How to Concentrate on Studies and Study Effectively

tips on how to concentrate on studies

If you want to be a successful student, you must know how to concentrate on studies. Concentration means undivided attention to something. Many students say that while they are studying they are not able to concentrate on what they are studying. This happen’s to every student, well to gain more concentration on studies you just have to make few changes in your study plan..

Why you are unable to Concentrate on Studies?

The reason why a student is not able to concentrate on studies is because He or She doesn’t have interests towards studies. And this lack of interest in studies is because, There is something which is more interesting than studies is going on beside your study place. The other reason for not having concentration on studies is you don’t have a proper foundation and without proper knowledge on basic of the subject you can’t study the whole subject.

Most of the student’s complaint that, while they are studying their friends, cricket and movies run around their brain. The only solution for this problem is, Just ask your brain, which is more important either your friends or your studies? Then you can decide what you want.

Start studying in Distraction free area

Your study place can have a great influence on your study so better choose the distraction free area. Your study room or place must be away from TV, pets, interruptions and anything else that smells for an easy distraction. You need to be comfortable in your study place, I mean there must be no strain on your back, neck, or eyes – pain is also a distraction. So better sit on a comfortable chair, but not on the bed because you may fall asleep. Sit in a place where you have adequate light and ventilation.

Organize your study plan

Try to study the hard concepts as soon as you start studying because you can grasp easy concepts even if you are not able to concentrate but you can’t study hard concepts when you are unable to concentrate.  If you do the easier topic first, you will be thinking about and stressing about the harder ones the whole time, reducing your productivity and ability to focus. And next to that hard topic you continue with an easy topic so that you don’t feel bored. Sometimes the least important part of a topic may be too time-consuming and it could drain/kill all your available time. So try to limit your time and move on to next topic, Don’t waste your time on a single topic.

Set a target before you start, for example. I’ll complete this topic in next 20 minutes, By doing this your mind starts working towards completing that task.

Take Control over your thoughts

You are your ultimate motivation, think a minute why you want to study and stay concentrated don’t do give any chance to your mind to disturb with useless thoughts. Stay positive and let the positive thoughts flow in your mind.

Stay away from mobile and social network sites. Consider me I keep my mobile in silent mode and start studying, after 5-10 minutes I check my phone if it has got any notification or not, If I found any facebook/WhatsApp notification I start replying for those notifications and it definitely doesn’t stop with one or two reply’s and time get’s ruined :/. So to stop happening this keep your mobile switched off and keep it away from you and don’t on internet until it’s required for your preparation.

Plan your Timetable

Most of the time we start our studies with lot’s of interest but, we can’t carry that interest throughout the study time. This is because, you didn’t planned your study time. So how to plan our study timetable?

Think big but start small:-

You need to

set your target big, but the initial start must be small. Don’t try to read the entire topic in a single sitting because after that you may not go further or you may feel bored. So instead of that start small and keep going. On the 1st day of your preparation just read for 20 minutes and the next day 30 minutes and keep increasing the study time as the days passes, this way you are adjusting your mind for stay concentrated for more long hours.

  • Know your Peak Concentration time:-

    Everyone of us are different and everyone have they own study time like some people can concentrate and study at the early morning while some people study at nights, afternoon. You need to figure out which time is best for you and at which time you can concentrate more on studies. If you can do this you can study more in less time and can dedicate the other time for some other work.
  • If you fail to plan your study plan and end up in a situation of studying one day before, then read this article on How to Study for A Test the Night Before The Exam?
  • Sleep well and increase Concentration

    The benefits of sleep are countless. If you are unable to concentrate then lack of sleep may be of the reason. An average person needs 6-8 hours of sleep per day and that too in night not while you are in the class or while you are driving. If we don’t have enough sleep we can’t be active and our concentration decreases. If you can have enough sleep you can absorb more when you sit to study.

    Avoid Stress to Study Effectively

    If you don’t have enough time to prepare for exam’s generally to feel stressed and panicked. If already you have less time to prepare then every minute is important for you. And If you are Worried about your exams then you are simply wasting your time and increasing your worry more and more. Instead of doing that you “transform your worry time to study time.”  which mean better preparation and reduced stress. Effective study plan can also reduce your stress and help you to study better.

    Eat Healthy and light

    While you are preparing for your exams your diet also plays a major role it’s because your diet directly affects your brain. And if you eat healthy, your mind will be healthy, too.  A healthy diet will keep you more energized and make it easier to put your mind to the test.

    Reward yourself while you are studying

    This helps a lot if you can do this correctly, for example, tell yourself that you can complete a particular work in specific amount of time then gift yourself with some snacks or even with your favorite game. By doing this your ability to complete the task increases and you become more productive.

    Meditate for some time before you start studying

    Yoga and meditation can do wonders in your concentration levels. But I know you don’t have much time to practice yoga and meditation, So do these small things to improve you concentration..

    • As you wake up early in the morning just listen to any voice and concentrate on it for 5 minutes like listening to fan sound, traffic sound. And increase this listening time as the days go on.
    • When every you got free time take a deep breath and concentrate on your breathing by doing this you are providing more oxygen to your brain and this improves your thinking ability.

    So these are the few suggestion for How to Concentrate on Studies and Study Effectively. Follow these for better results in improving your concentration on studies.

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