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How to Curl Your Stubborn Straight Hair


Hey, lovely lady whose hair is steadfastly straight, I'm talking to you. You're the girl whose mane is naturally shiny and full of movement, right? You've probably listened as your curly-haired friends admire your fine frizz-free strands. And you've probably shot back on more than one occasion, "I wish I could get my hair to hold a wave or curl!" Well, fret not. You may yet be able to have the best of both worlds: pin straight hair and textured tresses—at will.

We're not going to lie to you, getting the style you desire (the one your hair always seems to resist) might take a bit more time and effort. But when a girl wants what she wants, it's always worth it. Try a few of the tips below and see if you don't have curls that last all day.

Create the Right Condition

You think I'm going to tell you to make sure your hair is healthy and well conditioned, maybe suggest a deep conditioning mask. No, in this case, over-conditioning can make for the wrong curling "environment." While they certainly have their time and place, deep conditioners and leave-ins weigh hair down. Fine hair is especially susceptible. You want volume for those

lightweight strands. You also want to start with hair you haven't shampooed in 24 hours. Dirt and oil help products grip and keep your style set.

Create Staying Power

Use the Right Tools

Less is More

Spray the Right Way

Most of us do a cursory post-curl spray over our entire head after the job is done — we might even turn over and spray the roots for added volume — but that's not the way to get curls to stay. After each section you curl, let it lay in the palm of your hand and cool for a few seconds, then apply light-hold spray to that individual section. Repeat.

Be a Pinup

Ok, you've finally curled it all. It's pretty, it's bouncy, it's sprayed. But you're still worried it won't last. Here's one last effort you can make to keep your curls going strong: After you've sprayed a section and let it cool, wind it up in the direction of the curl you made and pin it to your head. Then, you can spray the pinned locks again. Let everything set for at least 10 minutes. Release curls from their pin prison and run fingers through.

Avoid the Urge to Fidget

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