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Tips to Decorate Small Living Room

Small Living Room

There are many ways to decorate small living room. It combines several factors from color, furniture, lighting, organizing and visual effect. The right to do can create illusion and feeling that this living room seem larger than real dimension. Tips below you can follow to transform your living room turn into bigger visually.

Neutral color work well at small living room. Give attention at wall, floor and ceiling. Usually people only pay attention at wall when thinking to repaint. Floor and ceiling are also important. Light color ceiling provide higher and wider impression, while light floor make living room brighter. Ideally, color for ceiling is lighter than wall. To give variation, we can create accent color at wall and other element. One wall side can be painted in light green or blue and under table can be put rug in interesting color to make it focus point, but not too strong.

For small living room. simple design furniture is better than furniture with ornament, because simple mean sleek and save place. Avoid to put tall furniture at living room, it can reduce space between ceiling and furniture and create narrow felling. Lighter is better than dark. Light color help this living room look brighter. Something that is able to reflect light is also good, for example glass table with metal legs.

Believe or not, mirror is versatile and powerful thing. It can run several functions altogether. Related to this living room, it can reflect light from many views like natural light and living room lamp. Big rectangle mirror at the wall can make this room seem become double. Be careful to select where place this mirror will be put. Avoid possibility its light reflection will hurt eyes or face.

Illusion of vertical line

For small living room, vertical line pattern can be applied. Decorate window with simple vertical line pattern curtain. Now this window will be looked taller. Don’t install full ornament curtain limited room, it will make it seem narrow. The same principle can

be applied at wallpaper and faux painting kits. Wallpaper with vertical line pattern is good. If we like look more art, apply faux painting kits. Keep vertical line from bottom to the top, where at the top, color for line is thinner than bottom.

Keep everything in its proper proportion

If our living room area is small, we have to compromise when select furniture. Don’t put too big size furniture and too much items at living room. Restrict only needed items here. Determine maximum width and height can be accepted. Always provide free space. Don’t spend all space to put items.

Multifunction furniture is smart solution

Multifunction furniture become trend now. This type is good solution for small space. It can run more than one function. Good to save place. It incorporates two or three furniture become one. Sofa with rack to store book and coffee table with rack to store magazine are few examples of it.

Prepare storage places

How to organize many items at small room is critical issue. To solve that problem, we must prepare some storage places without adding clutter and reducing area. Cabinets in the same color with wall is the answer. Its color can camouflage its existing. The same color is key to avoid crowded impression.

Item to fool eye

Put something different that can grab attention to make people not conscious that they are in small living room. For example, green plant or beautiful aquarium with pretty fishes inside it.

Let’s light brighten room

Source light can come from natural light and electric lamp. Glass window with light curtain can work well. Design window to flow sun light and fresh air from garden. When night come, ensure every corner of living room is brighten by lamp. Table lamp, standing lamp, and floor lamp can be prepared to brighten these areas. Other alternative is wall scone which is able to brighten limited area. At the central living room, install lamp with proper wattage.

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