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Tips on how to deep throat

tips on how to deep throat e-Course Part 5:

Deep-throating Tips!

The number one request guys have when it comes to blowjobs can be summed up in three words: deep throat action. They just can’t get enough of their dick hitting the back of your throat- profound penetration couched in throat muscles contracting, and taut lips running the length of their shaft. It’s all they can do not to orgasm right there on the spot.

The first thing you need to know about deepthroating is: it’s crucial you breathe through your nose. Without adopting this habit, you run the risk of cutting off your oxygen supply, unintentionally inducing faintness, dizziness, or even an inimitable feeling of panic.

Secondly, it’s very important to relax. In fact, the more you relax, the more flexible your throat muscles become, and the more comfortable it’ll feel for you as he enters more and more deeply into your mouth.

One thing you can gauge ahead of time to make the whole process easier for yourself is the curvature of his cock. If it curves upwards, you may want to try deepthroating him in a 69 position, reducing the effort necessary to get the job done. In contrast, a penis that curves in a downward direction is best tackled from a kneeling position in front of him.

Once you’ve determined the angle from which you’re going to approach it, start by sucking his cock normally, arousing him and getting him nice and hard. Once he’s horny, plunge it deeper past your gag reflex to the back of your throat. If you have trouble doing this try yawning or swallowing a few times to enlarge your throat.

Relax while you’re doing this. It will help open your throat up and prevent you from choking. If you do choke or gag though, take his cock out of your mouth altogether and breathe for a few minutes before trying again. Practice will help significantly with this technique. Just as things ‘downtown’ were tight when you lost your virginity, your throat needs to loosen up and get used to its new function.

As you go deeper, you might hear a popping noise. That’s nothing to worry about; it’s just the sound of his penis penetrating your throat. He’s not breaking tissue or muscle mass. But it might feel strange at first.

The other difference you’ll notice

is that his dick will be covered in thick mucous- it’ll be more consolidated and substantial than your usual saliva. This is nothing to worry about either. It’s just the deeper you go, the more lined your throat gets.

When you’re comfortable with deep throating, and your body has gotten used to relaxing its gag reflex, there are a few advanced techniques you can try that’ll get him hotter than an exhaust pipe after a three day road trip.

1) Contract your throat muscles while he’s inside you, massaging the head of his dick simultaneously.

2) While his dick is down there, swallow a few times- the sensation will make him reel.

3) Then, practice taking the head of his cock in and out of your throat- not bringing it right out of your mouth, of course, but just enough so that it’s penetrating and exiting the point of no return (where your gag reflex used to kick in.) He’ll go nuts!

Good work, you’re on your way.

The key things to remember when deep throating your man are: that practice makes perfect- no one did this flawlessly the first, second or even third time they tried- and that relaxing makes it much more comfortable for you.

Take deep breaths, go slowly, and visualize yourself feeling calm and centred as you perform the act. Some cocks will be too big to deep throat entirely, and others will be swallow-able in one gulp. Gauge your limits, be reasonable, and don’t push yourself too hard at first. You’re sure to improve quickly, and your man’s sure to love it!


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All the best,

Allan Sharp

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