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Tips on how to deliver a good speech

tips on how to deliver a good speech


Best Answer: Give your speech like you're having a conversation. Keep it informal and relax. Adlib here and there and throw in a joke or two.

The biggest issue people have is that they focus too much on what they 'rehearesed' and read off of index cards. Know your speech topic inside and out so you can 'wing' it. Do you read off of an index card while talking to your best friend about the latest movie you saw? Do bring index cards with just a brief outline of what you want to cover in case you get off track or forget something.

The hardest thing for me are the "ums". It's ok to take a breath and pause during a speech - this is where most people throw in an "um". Instead of saying 'um', don't say anything at all.

If you have the equipment available

to you, video tape yourself practicing your speech so you can see what you need to work on. Do you stutter, stumble on your words, say "um", stand too rigid, tap your foot, read from cards. Then work on those issues. Most people are so consumed with the speech that they aren't conscious of their little ticks. Otherwise practice your speech with a friend or family member.

My biggest piece of advice is to give a speech like you have a conversation and to know your topic well enough that you can just 'talk' about it without having to read the class a paper on it.

The best speeches I gave were impromptu, something I slacked on and didn't prepare or something I volunteered to do spur of the moment. I was myself and I just made it up as I went.


jmac · 6 years ago

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