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How To Do A Kickflip On A Skateboard

tips on how to do a kickflip

The kick flip is a great favourite trick on a skateboard and when done correctly look really impressive. Professional skateboarder, Bryce Campbell shows you how all there is to this trick and how you can learn it too.

Hello I'm Bryce Campbell, A sponsored skate boarder riding for Gravis IV shoes. We are going to look at the kick flip, which probably is the most popular trick and the most sought after trick by the public and beginner skate boarders. It's the derivative of the ollie again.

Pressure on the back, foot's going to slide up, as it slides up, it's going to slide off to the left hand side or to the shoulder side, the hill side of the board and as it does that, that is going to cause the board to flip over like that as you are in mid air completing 360 and then land back on the board. Quite a hard trick to grasp, but once you get it, it's a really really fun trick that can done and quite an impressive looking trick as well, possibly my favorite trick. So if you have a look at it like this, all about foot stance.

It is physics on this trick. So

one foot is going to need to be slightly to this side. So you can see that's going to allow it to toe and move off the front and kick the board out.

The back foot is going to need to be on the tail bit, that's the one that's going to be applying pressure down like that, so you are going to come down, front foot's going to move. Slide off the corner and kick out as it kicks out and it hits that tip, it's going to push the board round like that and in over and down. So it's very important just to work out exactly the way you need to put your feet for this trick, if you try another up here like that and it doesn't work.

That means you may need to move the foot, so trial and error on this one, you can try putting it right down on the bottom just kicking down, that's a good start for trying to learn how to do the kick flip. Once you figured out exactly where it is that's making the board flip, gather the pressure move it around, gather the pressure, and that is how you kick flip on the skate board..

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