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How To Do An Ollie On Your Skateboard

tips on how to do an ollie

Professional skateboarder, Bryce Campbell gives advice and detailed instructions to newbies on how to correctly perform and land an ollie on a skateboard.

Hello, I'm Bryce Campbell, I'm a sponsored skateboarder and we're going to look at how to ollie. Now an ollie is the basis for pretty much every other trick in skateboarding. It is the standard trick that once you master everything else is a derivative of it.

So to do it you're going to need to use your balance and you're going to need to use foot placement and pop, and jumping and a few different things combined. It's basically like a bunny-hop on a bike or a bit of a side-step in a football game. First of all looking at the hands we're going to want to put one foot there, one foot there, by pushing down on the tail, moving your foot

forward like that, rolling it up the board and hitting it there is going to create a reaction that will hopefully lift the back up allowing the board to come off the ground and then land back down.

So with the feet positioning it's putting one foot on there first, so it's about two thirds of the way down the skateboard, other foot on, now using this foot pushing back on here, rolling the ankle and pushing it up the board, that will allow the board to come up off the ground. We'll look at it. So after a bit of practice you will get a lot better at ollieing, they'll start off very very small and they will progress to something a bit larger.

You'll be able to go over different obstacles, go up over things, onto things, off of things, it's the most widely used trick.

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