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Some Tips on How to Do Smokey Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

tips on how to do eye makeup

Smokey eye makeup for brown eyes – In putting make up on your face, you need to know that your eyes are the most important thing because they are the first thing that grows attention. People will look you in the eyes while having a conversation. That is why putting eye makeup is important because that area is very noticeable. There is one eye make up style called Smokey eye makeup, and for browned-eye people, you need to know about how to do Smokey eye makeup for brown eyes . The eyes are the ones that represent yourselves so much, so exploring your eyes is very effective to show to others aboutyour character

You can do smokey eyes with different color and with different nuance of the colors. You can match it with the color of your eyes, the size of your eyes, etc. If you do black smokey eyes, you will get a very sexy and incredible look. For daily life, you can do neutral smokey eyes. There is also what we call with dramatic smokey eyes, maybe it is suitable for those who will do drama or opera. There are also galaxy star smokey eyes and smokey eyes with many other looks and colors. But the most important thing is that you need to know how to do those eye makeup and you need also to know how to do Smokey eye makeup for brown eyes . It is because there is a difference in doing eye makeup for browned-eye people and the others.

Smokey makeup Tutorials For Brown Eyes

These are some steps about how to do smokey eye makeup for brown eyes. Firstly, you need to wash and dry your face. Then, you have to remove all of your makeup, dirt, oil, etc from

your skin . The next step to do is to apply a dab of facial moisturizer to your skin. It is useful to remove dryness and keep the makeup intact for longer.

After that, you need to apply your regular foundation that you have used everyday. Do that before applying any eye makeup, and make sure to apply a thin coat of foundation to your eyelids. After that, apply a cream shadow first. You can use your finger or you can also use an eye shadow brush to cover your eyelid with a black or dark gray cream shadow, it is to cover the area from your top lashes to the crease of your eye. The cream shadow will serve as a base, and help keep the powdered shadow in place for longer.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial For Brown Eyes

The next step is to cover the cream shadow with a powdered shadow of with the same color. You can use a blending brush to blend in the shadow. Blending brushes have thinner bristles than regular eye shadow brushes. They are designed to create an airbrushed effect. After that, you will have to highlight your brow bone. You can use an eye shadow brush or your index finger to sweep some gold or nude-colored shadow just underneath the arch of your eyebrow. You can also dab some shimmering shadow onto the inner corners of your eyes. It is useful for giving a brightening effect.

The next step is to apply dark gray, dark blue, or black eyeliner. Do not forget to smudge the liner into your upper lash line and the outer corners of your lower lash line. Finally, finish the look with mascara to make them perfect.

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